Monday, 12 May 2008

Yesterday was a success!

as u all know... yesterday was mother's day. i wasn't sure how to celebrate yet but thank God, my dad rang me up and said that he and my mom are out somewhere and he told me to go get a cake and give her a surprise celebration when they get back. i somehow think my dad instructed me not like a dad to a daughter but like a boss to his staff. he told me that they'd be back in half an hour.

it was impossible to get things done before that. first, i had to get the cake and a card and make sure everyone in the house sign it (mind u, my family is the size of the brady bunch) so i told my dad that it couldn't be done and let's do it after maghrib prayers. my dad agreed.

so i put aside my work that's due on the 15th and went out to get a cake and a card and all. luckily i told my dad that it can't be done within half an hour. well it took me forty-five minutes just to purchase a blueberry cheese cake and a card.

after my younger sister and i returned, we tried our best to avoid Mom who was tending to her orchids. we sneaked into my brothers' room. (my mom hardly goes there. don't know why though...). and started decorating the presents we got her. yeah, i said decorating because we got her new orchids to add to her collection. it was a bit impossible to be wrapping them as they are so delicate and are already beautiful by themselves.

so when the time draws near. my dad was in charge in escorting my mom, who had no clue. we all were already downstairs and i angled an orchid and the card towards the staircase, in hope that when Mom goes down the flight, that would be the first thing she sees. and it worked! my mom was smiling widely and said, 'awwww' and kissed all her children. the living/dining area was so full of love that i felt it was almost warm.

we had the cake and gave her the other two orchids. she was so pleased that she wanted to frame the pictures of her and the orchids we took. we told her that it was ayah's idea to give her a surprise and also that we're sorry that we purposely didn't wish her earlier. it was due to the surprise.

what did i write in the card? i told her, i wouldn't be the person i am right now if it weren't for her.

yesterday was a success! today is my older sister's birthday. tomorrow is still a question... but let's hope for a better tomorrow.

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