Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Gone Rasta Gone!

on saturday, i went to the curve and met with some friends from my former school.
we shopped at the flea market and then watched movie at cineleisure.

watched vantage point.
loved the plot. loved how the way the story was told.
but there was too much suspense that it was really killing me and my friends!

after movie, we were going for dinner.
the only thing i could think of is rasta - close. fast. cheap.
nana and ai ling agreed.
drove happily and arriving at the place.
only to notice a huge empty land.
i was like, since when this huge parking lot is here?
but it was actually where Rasta was...
we were like, what??!!! but then laughed our butts off for not knowing it was gone for quite some time!

embarrassed. we headed uptown.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Today is election day and i'm voting for the first time.

Kind of nervous because i'm not sure of the procedure even though it is actually so simple but that made me even more nervous because i really dont want to make a fool out of myself for not understanding how to do simple stuffs.

Anyway, it went ok. i ticked which party i'm rooting for and place them in the box and that's it. my job as a malaysian citizen was done!

i was proud that i took a role of establishing our government although there are some nasty truth and hidden agendas that i know myself that they are not pleasing. i think a lot of times you have to play dirty in politics. like the saying, 'do a little evil to do greater good'.

so to all of you, who haven't registered yet to vote. please do so... even one vote matters!


Saturday, 1 March 2008

Wedding Marathon!

Hey avid readers aka Aishah... haha...

i slept for about 19 hrs last night. well not straigth of course...
was really tired. I had a submission marathon last week, which falls on wednesday, thursday AND friday.
and this weekend is a wedding marathon... Eppy's wedding is the afternoon...
she's so darned gorgeous... cant believe it was last 3 weeks my mother tried to match-make her with my brother!
Fizah's wedding is during the night and i love her Morrocon setting! and to hope that my pics doesnt turn out in one of her publicly premiered wedding videos (like the one i appeared in faiza's wedding!) was no use! i was there together with other prefects... zoomed in right next to her face! cant believe she still have that photo! ha ha!
Anyway... here are the photos!

interpretation: Aishah's coming! Hurry, Awan... snap it already!

told ya...

On fizah's wedding...

a little bit of camwhoring first