Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Two Thousand and Nine

2009 marks a significant year for me... not that i asked for a less complicated year or a better year. it has just been an interesting yearbook... and i'd look back on it anytime :)

the most embarrassing moment to date
i'd simply answer it was sometime in March 2009, where i broke down during a presentation and hyperventilated in front of an audience of 20 people or so. and conveniently, it happened in the middle of an exhibition hall, so that helped to further amplify my squeaks throughout the whole space. it was just so uncontrollable and no one came to my aid, i guess they were completely awed by the display (or they were worried i might turn into Incredible Hulk soon :P). for the first few days, it was too much of an embarrassment to talk about it. but when life gives u a lemon, give life a 'twist' ;D so after a while, i just make a joke out of it... just to get some lightness into the situation :) but to be honest, that was one of the most horrifically embarrassing episodes i wouldn't want to be in again... everrrrrr!

being an architect had been my ambition for 13 years. so in late April 2009, i finished my 5-gruelling-years-that-took-me-6-bloody-years-instead course and acquired a degree in August 2009. having that ambition helped me focus and help me know what i want and work towards it. why had i picked this ambition? i was a lot into arts... i wouldn't say i was gifted but i had passion for it and my mom sent me for art classes and that improved my art skills. and having my dad in the construction industry does influence me a lot. i guess architecture is a combination of both science and art... hence i took a profession that has both subjects that i am really passionate about.

love life
i'm not a type of person who easily falls for someone. i don't believe love comes that easy. it's not that simple. and i don't believe that love can be dimissed by a break-up... i think it's forever embedded inside of u despite how bad it turns out in the end. Because u gotta love something that's 'real' and 'worthwhile'... and that happened to me for the first time ever in November 2009...

with the exception of first topic, i hope to continue my diary in 2010 :)

See you in 2010! feliz año nuevo!! God bless :-*****