Monday, 26 May 2008


suddenly the song rings in my head as i came back from rantai event at the annexe gallery, central market. rantai is an event organizer to help expose newcomer bands. anyway, good job! acoustic night was great!

and thanks tuan puteri ammy temankan patik yg menjunjung titah lecturer jabatan senibina.

anyway, the song that suddenly rings in my head is the theme song from 'cinta korporat'. i'm not sure if u remember that series from a TV3 segment called 'identity'(if i'm not mistaken). it was back when azhar sulaiman looked... young :D
the theme song was by amy mastura called 'kembalilah'. was wondering if any of u indie bands interested in doing a cover version. just a thought :)
if u don't know what the heck am i talking about. here's a hint >>>

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Kasihku usia sudah cintamu
Cinta yang kudamba selama ini
Mengapa kau biarkan terjadi
Rasanya ku tak percaya semua ini

Aku masih menyayangimu
Ku tak ingin semua berlalu
Bila mungkin engkau kembali
Kembalilah kembali padaku
Seperti waktu yang dulu
Bermanja kita berdua
Hanya engkau yang mengerti
Tentang aku

Ku rasa hari-hari sepiku
Tanpa canda tawa bersamamu
Katakan apa salah diriku
Yang selalu tulus setia kepadamu

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Where Are Thou, Love?

Dani has been missing for three days. First time he's been missing this long. Rama misses you. We miss you... :,((((

COME HOME, DANI!!! dating ngan new girlfriend pon, blk la rumah makan... jumpa mak ayah... ishhhh!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Treat People How u Want to be Treated

i believe so much in the quote. u treat people how u want to be treated. basically, i treat people how i want them to treat me. however, the tables would definitely turn if they treat me... well, not in a way that i would like it. thus... i treat them by HOW they treat me in the first place. it's only fair isn't it?

well... it's true some of us like to do our own thing and stuffs. but hey, if they can do it... why can't i? i like to do my own stuffs too with certain people. so if friendship matters, they'd value my opinion and also value me.

anyway... talking about doing my own stuffs with certain people. i went out with my sisters today. we went to OU. oh and yesterday, i went to the curve AND OU. and shopped for a watch... cost me rm250! haha... but the retail was rm499 so it was a good buy. so today, i went on and pamper myself and bought me a pair of jean, two necklaces and two pairs of shoes! i have to hide them from my mom. she'd kill me if she knew i bought another pair of shoes. before that, we watched What Happens in Vegas. i underestimated that movie. but hey, the movie was loads of fun!

i heart ashton kutcher!!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

indieGENIUS - life as a design thesis begins!

I haven't told u about my second proposal. we were suppose to present two proposals on thursday. up to tuesday night, i haven't a clue on my second proposal but i've firmed up on my first topic, which was the Environmental Awareness Centre. i was pretty confident with the first topic. having read a lot of materials and even watching documentary movies for it. i really wanted the project 'cause i kind of have an idea what it'll turn out. but i have to comply to my lecturer's instructions - the second proposal.

at first, i thought of taking it lightly so i'll end up with the first but there are cases when they don't accept both... then i'll end up with having nothing but probably a bruised ego. so i went looking for my second topic. i was browsing the internet for something i really have deep interest with - arts/culture. and i came across this street art graffiti on the walls of a building in Malaysia.

I thought, hey that's really cool... but i bet DBKL will have them clean in no time. so i thought it's pretty unfair for the graffiti artist to have his work done but only acknowledged as a work of vandalism and damaging public property. so i thought of having a centre for street art for them to express their art in a more positive way. having discussed this further with a friend, i kind of doubted this because i am suppose to proposing an 'architecture' in the end... and a street is not 'architecture'. and my friend told me why don't you try Indie Arts? it suddenlt triggers an idea! because i've always love Indie arts but i didn't notice it because i love a lot of things ;)

i chatted up with a few friends from other architecture schools, who are indie artists and asked them what they thought of the Centre.4.Independent Arts? and they thought they were cool. it got me even more excited when i get positive feedbacks from Indie artists. so i studied further...

The most general definition of the word is to be independent from the mainstream. The word has become most often associated with a subculture defined by its associated music, fashion, behavior and beliefs. Indie culture is an avant-garde lifestyle which follows social trends that are considered to consciously deviate from the mainstream. One common belief within indie culture is anti-conformity. The major influence for the indie culture came out of the indie music scene, associated with the DIY culture to the arts. Many followers of the indie culture are associated with local independent art and music scenes.

from the star online, June 2006,
The textbook definition of the word indie was derived from the term “independent”, forming its ethos around the notion that being indie meant being independent from the mainstream (a simplistic description, but one that cuts to the core). But the term has taken a whole new meaning over the years, used as a means to describe a niche subculture, its fashion and of course, the music involved. Not many indie acts can boast continuity and popularity here.

The issues i've looked into are that Indie Culture has become a subculture in Malaysia but they are often seen as bad influence (vandalism etc). Artists often have to travel to spread their creativity but they don’t have that much money. So to solve this, hence the Indie Cultural Centre, which i'm attempting to call indieGENIUS. so the aims and objectives of the centre is to create a centre as a medium for the indie artists to collaborate, exchange ideas and spread the movement and as a transitional stage or to help the artists go a step further in their pursuit of stardom. A centre as a culture check on the movement so that it won’t portray bad influences to fans and artists alike. A community/commercial to market indie arts.

So it's more like a cultural arts centre. rather than defining it as the conventional Malay cultural or chinese or india cultural arts... i'm doing it indie style. Indie cultural arts centre a.k.a indieGENIUS!

wish me luck!

btw, i havent printed my other presentation board but i was already sleepy. this was 6am (note that, i didn't sleep for 24 running hours) presentation starts at 9.50am so i figured i'd wake up at 830am and i can leave the house by 9am. get the thing printed by 930 and zoomed off to faculty. but after, what felt like a few seconds of laying my head down, i got a phone call from a friend. i woke up and it was too late to answer it. and i notice the room was all bright - daylit bright. and i saw the clock says, 10am!!! shiiiiiiiiiittttt!!! the first thing i felt like doing was cry... or scold someone... but it was my fault and carelessness so i had to be responsible for it on my own.

i arrived at the faculty at 11 am. at the moment when i came in, a fellow peer was presenting his proposal - one of it happens to be a street art centre... which was totally denied by the lecturers... so am i lucky or what??? fiuhhhh~!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Environmental Awareness Centre Proposal

i saw the movie documentary - The Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour. there are some people who say that the movies are scare tactics schemed by certain parties. so what if they are scare tactics? we should be scared of what's happening with our environment now.

What we're doing now will affect our children in the near future. It may not happen in my lifetime but i don't want my children to suffer the consequences of what we did today in the name of our selfishness, in the name of economy and politics.

Quoted from 'The 11th Hour',
We live in a human-created environment, where it is very easy to think that we’re different from other creatures. We are smart, we create our own habitat and we don’t need nature. Our attitudes are based on selfishness, based on the economic and politics situation we have. It is time that we take the environmental crisis for what it is. This planet is our only home. If we destroy it, there is no where else for us to go.

However, to solve environmental crisis takes a global action and we, as Malaysians, should start doing our parts. In order to change people’s minds and hearts is a matter of lifting level of awareness. Gary Tooze, from the same movie, mentioned that Deepak Chopra quoted,
"people are really doing the best they can given their level of awareness"

Malaysia has signed global warming treaty in 1993 but what exactly has Malaysia done in our part? we may not suffer the effects of greenhouse gases as much as other countries but floods and drastic change of weather are warnings from nature. And last year's devastating storm in Johor is also a warning. And if the northern hemisphere is flooded with water, there will be millions of refugees and where they might head? Our country may be flooded with not just water but millions of refugees.

The issues I've looked into is that the governmental and non-governmental bodies that fight for our environment are located in remote areas. Why must a nature society hq be located in remote areas? Why can't it be located in the middle of urban center where they are more people to educate and problems to be solved?
Second issue is that the architecture of the nature society hq does not reflect their mission in environmental defense.
Third issue will be Malaysians are still unaware of the environmental issues namely the global warming.

Hence, my design thesis proposal - Environmental Awareness Center

The aims and objectives of this thesis proposal is to create an iconic building where it shall be a medium to educate people about sustainable architecture and to highlight the mission of nature society through architecture. Secondly, the center will also serve as a green lung in central urban area because creating more parks and green spaces in urban areas could cool cities by up to 4°C – possibly enough to offset the warming from climate change – say researchers. Thirdly is to educate and to instill environmental awareness amongst Malaysians and constantly remind the public of the importance of conserving the environment.

So perhaps this design thesis proposal will be accepted because i really want to do this. I've developed an interest for the environment within two weeks, thanks to Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth. The world, our only home, is going to be destroyed by us humans... and surface temperature will rise sooner or later but right now, it is at accelerating rate. And it takes a global solution to help solve it and it's about time Malaysians unite to fight global warming! :))))

Monday, 12 May 2008

Yesterday was a success!

as u all know... yesterday was mother's day. i wasn't sure how to celebrate yet but thank God, my dad rang me up and said that he and my mom are out somewhere and he told me to go get a cake and give her a surprise celebration when they get back. i somehow think my dad instructed me not like a dad to a daughter but like a boss to his staff. he told me that they'd be back in half an hour.

it was impossible to get things done before that. first, i had to get the cake and a card and make sure everyone in the house sign it (mind u, my family is the size of the brady bunch) so i told my dad that it couldn't be done and let's do it after maghrib prayers. my dad agreed.

so i put aside my work that's due on the 15th and went out to get a cake and a card and all. luckily i told my dad that it can't be done within half an hour. well it took me forty-five minutes just to purchase a blueberry cheese cake and a card.

after my younger sister and i returned, we tried our best to avoid Mom who was tending to her orchids. we sneaked into my brothers' room. (my mom hardly goes there. don't know why though...). and started decorating the presents we got her. yeah, i said decorating because we got her new orchids to add to her collection. it was a bit impossible to be wrapping them as they are so delicate and are already beautiful by themselves.

so when the time draws near. my dad was in charge in escorting my mom, who had no clue. we all were already downstairs and i angled an orchid and the card towards the staircase, in hope that when Mom goes down the flight, that would be the first thing she sees. and it worked! my mom was smiling widely and said, 'awwww' and kissed all her children. the living/dining area was so full of love that i felt it was almost warm.

we had the cake and gave her the other two orchids. she was so pleased that she wanted to frame the pictures of her and the orchids we took. we told her that it was ayah's idea to give her a surprise and also that we're sorry that we purposely didn't wish her earlier. it was due to the surprise.

what did i write in the card? i told her, i wouldn't be the person i am right now if it weren't for her.

yesterday was a success! today is my older sister's birthday. tomorrow is still a question... but let's hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

New layout!!!

New Layout of my 24th year in life and my 2nd yr in blogging!

the reason for new layout is that i suddenly feel older today. and i'm starting to appreciate what i have around me. rather than questionning... i should start embracing.
the photo is taken in angkor wat, cambodia, when i was on a school trip to siem reap. angkor wat has the most beautiful setting i have ever seen. great lighting, great panorama, great architecture. the cambodians civilization are far more advance than they seem they are. it's all due to war... what a waste...

i just took a shot of my leg for this blog as a symbol that feet is an important part of the body.

because it takes u to places. it takes u through time.

and my feet has taken me a long way... beside making my shoes worn out ;) my feet has taken me to a better tomorrow...

enjoy ma peeps!

24 and counting...

Happy 31st mothers' day to my mom!

the most completed woman in the world!
- has a successful hubby of a successful 31 years of marriage (so far!!)
- has six wonderful kids!
- has a pair of adorable grandkids.
- a well-to-do family
- a superb cook and tauke roti arab terhebat!
- most of all... she's a mother :,)))))

and how can other people say their mums are the greatest??? they don't know how great u are yet! all my love to u, mak!

anyway... although it is mothers' day...

i suddenly feel older today... sigh*

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Lies hurt more
than the truth
why do I live
in self pity
and expect disappointment
more then optimism
or does enjoyment
lead me to new
worlds which I can not
live on
the air is getting
thin and I want to
stay for some time
too bad I can not
live in my dreams
for then utopia would be
reached wouldn't it

by Stanley Naber

it's beautiful isn't it? the poem i mean? this is something i can definitely relate to. we live in a world with all sorts of people. but they are easier categorized based on our dislikes and likes. personally, i loathe hypocrites... they're so much meaner than those people who keeps secrets (although secrets tend to unfold by itself) or even much more worse than people who tell lies.

for starters, they think you're stupid because they think they know u. and because they think they know you, they try to make u feel important at the time when they need u but the least when they think the time isn't necessary to share with u. all that in hope you wouldn't notice the whole agenda behind it.

but most of the time, you notice it... especially when they are not careful.

and it hurts.
no matter how much you try to understand.

it's not that i live in self-pity or self-disappointment.
but i pity them and disappointed in them for not knowing me for who i am but what they think i am.

i'm only questioning myself 'why?'


Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

>>>---> I <3 THIS SONG! i usually dont listen to the beatles so i thank u david archuleta for performing this beautiful song on american idol... otherwise i wouldnt have known it.

ROOTING FOR DAVID ARCHULETA ;*******!!! and the world will live as one ;))))

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

KaChing! KaChing!

i just got rm 1,666 from me sugar daddy. for a bday present. don't believe me???

note the date. it is on my bday!

kidding lar... actually... my two other friends and i just won first prize in this architectural competition held by MNS and Optima. a whole rm5000 so split by three... hence the .66... don't believe me???

i had to walk from the lrt pasar seni to menara dayabumi. it was so damn hot and i was wearing black. can u imagine how much heat i was absorbing? don't believe me???

< thats moi in the middle and on me left and right is Mr. Kong Seng Yeap (best PAM student!) and Mr. Iskandar (who recently became a father to a second child! Congrats!)>

that's when i got inspired to choose this site for my design thesis. anyway, i hate that street. i was crossing that street to get to the lrt and it was green for us pedestrians and red for vehicles. and some drivers just dont get it... so since it was green, i took my own sweet time to cross and i notice a blue wira didnt want to stop but eventually he did slow down to let me through. after i past him, this guy on a motorcycle (would not mention race here) and he simply refuses to stop and he THINKS he can scare me with the last minute brake. but hell no! i looked at him in the eye and told him, *'MERAH!' and walked off.

obviously i bruised his ego... i dont know how much but basically, i'm pretty happy that i managed to do so. cause the guy kinda vroomed away furiously. what a loser... prick... i dont care if u hate me cursing... sue me :P

well... to summarize yesterday... i was late for the ceremony, got lost looking for the lobby of dayabumi, soaked with sweat when i got there, got my camera tangled with my name tag leash and earphones when my name was announced to receive the prize, almost got hit by a car and a motorcycle... in the end, KaChing! KaChing! i'm rm1,666.66 richer today :DDDDDD and lived to blog about it ;))))))

* merah - red

Friday, 2 May 2008

Post labour day

yesterday i was out with two other good friends... also joined by another at 3pm. we went to OU and caught 3 movies from 9am to 5pm.

first movie is 'over her dead body'. all right before someone turns me in, i admit this movie was premiered in my guest room. hahaha... we couldnt find a 3rd movie that was appealing enough so we had to cheat. we paid rm10 nevertheless... so same difference! the movie was ok... i especially love lake bell's performance. i've never seen her before. so watching her for the first time, i'd give her A+ for her performance. if anybody is doubting to see this... i'd say that lake bell and paul rudd won't disappoint u in the laughing department.

the second movie is 'fool's gold'. i wasn't that intrigue to watch but as i heard matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson joining forces again, i thought this would be as much fun as 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'. however, there's more action in this new movie. like treasure hunting, mentor-turned-nemesis, a ruthless rapper called bigbunny, a major blond ( but not blond) socialite called gemma and a yacht owned by a billionaire, the 'precious gem'. to make things much more simpler... like simon cowell would say, forgettable but there's one thing i wont forget is gemma honeycutt. i think there's a little bit of her in all of us.

the third movie is 'forbidden kingdom'. the only out of the three that i really want to watch. only because i've been wanting to see jet li and jackie chan in one movie. i've been more of a jackie chan fan than jet li. jet li was too serious for me. but apparently, in this movie... he proved otherwise. superb kungfu performance by all even that sky high boy, michael angarano. he must've put a lot of effort in making it real. although there are a few boring moments in this but hey, there's jet li and jackie chan in it. that's all needed to make the movie successful. i think... ;)

and we head of to william for dinner. there are three people but only ordered meals for two. don't worry. the meals are a size for 1.5 of each girl actually. so two meals and drinks was more than enough. in fact, we couldn't finish it... ha ha... two meals cost rm62!what a crazy rip-off, isnt it? but we all still love william...

anyway, as this all happen... there was a fatal accident involving 2 UiTM students, whom both are friends of my older brother. They were both on a motorcycle, which actually belongs to the passenger, not the driver. the owner happens to have a fever and asked his friend to drive. and it so happens that, when they were at a traffic light, waiting for the green light. this smart honda crv driver accelerated as the light turned yellow and still going as it turned red and as the other lane was turning green. so there was a collision between two cars and the crv bounced over the divider and towards the two motorcyclist, who had no time to blink. the passenger was thrown off, survived with a few scratches. but the the driver was caught under the crv together with the motorcycle and dragged a few metres away. he died on the way to the hospital.

there was so much 'what if' questions that could be raised. what if the honda had not rammed in the traffic light? what if the other car had seen the honda speeding by? what if the owner of the motorcycle was the driver instead of the passenger?
the boy was my age and he could've just been a witness to another accident instead of the victim.

it's not our place to question God's methods. we should in fact embrace them.

it was his time. that's all. no matter how careful u are on the road, someone else might make a mistake and u have to pay for it.

and we should embrace it by reciting 'Al-fatihah' for him and not take our lives for granted as for Allah SWT can take us anytime. it also made me feel guilty for enjoying so much on labour day.

May Allah SWT blessed the soul of our brother. Al-fatihah... amin.