Saturday, 10 May 2008


Lies hurt more
than the truth
why do I live
in self pity
and expect disappointment
more then optimism
or does enjoyment
lead me to new
worlds which I can not
live on
the air is getting
thin and I want to
stay for some time
too bad I can not
live in my dreams
for then utopia would be
reached wouldn't it

by Stanley Naber

it's beautiful isn't it? the poem i mean? this is something i can definitely relate to. we live in a world with all sorts of people. but they are easier categorized based on our dislikes and likes. personally, i loathe hypocrites... they're so much meaner than those people who keeps secrets (although secrets tend to unfold by itself) or even much more worse than people who tell lies.

for starters, they think you're stupid because they think they know u. and because they think they know you, they try to make u feel important at the time when they need u but the least when they think the time isn't necessary to share with u. all that in hope you wouldn't notice the whole agenda behind it.

but most of the time, you notice it... especially when they are not careful.

and it hurts.
no matter how much you try to understand.

it's not that i live in self-pity or self-disappointment.
but i pity them and disappointed in them for not knowing me for who i am but what they think i am.

i'm only questioning myself 'why?'

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