Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Environmental Awareness Centre Proposal

i saw the movie documentary - The Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour. there are some people who say that the movies are scare tactics schemed by certain parties. so what if they are scare tactics? we should be scared of what's happening with our environment now.

What we're doing now will affect our children in the near future. It may not happen in my lifetime but i don't want my children to suffer the consequences of what we did today in the name of our selfishness, in the name of economy and politics.

Quoted from 'The 11th Hour',
We live in a human-created environment, where it is very easy to think that we’re different from other creatures. We are smart, we create our own habitat and we don’t need nature. Our attitudes are based on selfishness, based on the economic and politics situation we have. It is time that we take the environmental crisis for what it is. This planet is our only home. If we destroy it, there is no where else for us to go.

However, to solve environmental crisis takes a global action and we, as Malaysians, should start doing our parts. In order to change people’s minds and hearts is a matter of lifting level of awareness. Gary Tooze, from the same movie, mentioned that Deepak Chopra quoted,
"people are really doing the best they can given their level of awareness"

Malaysia has signed global warming treaty in 1993 but what exactly has Malaysia done in our part? we may not suffer the effects of greenhouse gases as much as other countries but floods and drastic change of weather are warnings from nature. And last year's devastating storm in Johor is also a warning. And if the northern hemisphere is flooded with water, there will be millions of refugees and where they might head? Our country may be flooded with not just water but millions of refugees.

The issues I've looked into is that the governmental and non-governmental bodies that fight for our environment are located in remote areas. Why must a nature society hq be located in remote areas? Why can't it be located in the middle of urban center where they are more people to educate and problems to be solved?
Second issue is that the architecture of the nature society hq does not reflect their mission in environmental defense.
Third issue will be Malaysians are still unaware of the environmental issues namely the global warming.

Hence, my design thesis proposal - Environmental Awareness Center

The aims and objectives of this thesis proposal is to create an iconic building where it shall be a medium to educate people about sustainable architecture and to highlight the mission of nature society through architecture. Secondly, the center will also serve as a green lung in central urban area because creating more parks and green spaces in urban areas could cool cities by up to 4°C – possibly enough to offset the warming from climate change – say researchers. Thirdly is to educate and to instill environmental awareness amongst Malaysians and constantly remind the public of the importance of conserving the environment.

So perhaps this design thesis proposal will be accepted because i really want to do this. I've developed an interest for the environment within two weeks, thanks to Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth. The world, our only home, is going to be destroyed by us humans... and surface temperature will rise sooner or later but right now, it is at accelerating rate. And it takes a global solution to help solve it and it's about time Malaysians unite to fight global warming! :))))


Aishah Latif said...

wow! nice piece. u sound passionate enough! go awin!!! is there any model-building involved in this? i would be more than happy to help out again...at no charge whatsoever. just gimme a bed to sleep and meals when im hungry :D

remita said...

hi i am a student of architecture also dealing with a similar topic for my thesis.
could i ask you for some help?

aishwarya said...

hey...i really like the topic...i am also an architecture student and want to do something like this for my thesis too...if got this as your thesis project can u kindly help me out with it.

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