Sunday, 11 May 2008

New layout!!!

New Layout of my 24th year in life and my 2nd yr in blogging!

the reason for new layout is that i suddenly feel older today. and i'm starting to appreciate what i have around me. rather than questionning... i should start embracing.
the photo is taken in angkor wat, cambodia, when i was on a school trip to siem reap. angkor wat has the most beautiful setting i have ever seen. great lighting, great panorama, great architecture. the cambodians civilization are far more advance than they seem they are. it's all due to war... what a waste...

i just took a shot of my leg for this blog as a symbol that feet is an important part of the body.

because it takes u to places. it takes u through time.

and my feet has taken me a long way... beside making my shoes worn out ;) my feet has taken me to a better tomorrow...

enjoy ma peeps!


fuqaha said...

nice. Perhaps you could make the width for shoutout box a bit larger.


im_shy said...

thanks... i notice it's a bit narrow. but i dunno how to make it larger

im_shy said...

ok... nvm. tetiba dah pandai la plak. huhu