Friday, 10 April 2009

Back from the Brink!

back from the dead... back from hiatus... upon writing this, my final design thesis ended just 8 hours ago.

before that point, i hadn't thought that this would be my last verbal presentation at school or the last time i'd spent rm500++ for my boards... i was more concerned about convincing the lecturers and external critics about my scheme.

last semester i was probably one of the 'under average' students and had a bad presentation that led me thinking that i wasn't going to make it into second semester. but i did... with the minimum grade to pass :P

in second semester i still hit huge bumps along the road... it was not a straight road for me like it seemed with others. i had breakdowns... rather discreetly... until one point during one of the studio pin-ups, i (or my classmates/lecturers and i ) had the most memorable and embarrassing experience, which was breaking down in front of all 4 lecturers and at least 15 students. i did not let out small sobs... i actually hyper ventilated!! so embarrassing...

mind you, that was the first time i ever cried during presentation in my SIX years of studying architecture ok??? that's like 6 times at least 100 presentations a year! u do the math!

although embarrassing, i'm glad that it happened. it was like back from the brink. i learned a lot from that crit and it was a turning point. not just in terms of design... but in terms of confidence, self-esteem and passion. i think from that point onwards, i knew how to make my design thesis more interesting, convincing and believable. it was an agonizing 5 weeks for me... when people did their thesis in 35 weeks, i was doing in 5 weeks. it was up to a point where i isolated myself from my close friends. i specifically said, i'm quarantining myself or i'm in a confinement period so that they won't be asking me for usual hang outs a lot. i think that helped in focusing in my work better :) i worked hard to get here... but not without the help of my teachers :,)

size: 5.046m x 1.782m

the scheme could be better. i think my perspectives helped to sell my ideas. i hate the location of my presentation. the place was actually a walkway to get to other panels so when it was my turn, i sort of caused a jam that led to accumulate audience. which was good by the way. the down side is that - there wasn't enough distance for the lecturers to see my boards as a whole and also my models on the sides. they didn't even admire my model :((( which took me a week to do...

at one point of the presentation, one of my teachers was trying to get through but couldn't without interrupting the presentation and what he did was, while walking low, he said, "don't you just love it?" hahaha... and one of the architects thought i hired him to say that :P

no matter the outcome... or grade... i think i've learned a lot and improved a lot for the past year. besides growing a couple of zits, i gained new friends alongside bonding better with the friends i already have.

that's what matters most.

errr, no... not really... :P i want to graduate too... :P
3 friggin days

3 friggin different days than above

presentation board: rm 540
model: rm70+ and counting
back from the brink: priceless...