Sunday, 18 May 2008

Treat People How u Want to be Treated

i believe so much in the quote. u treat people how u want to be treated. basically, i treat people how i want them to treat me. however, the tables would definitely turn if they treat me... well, not in a way that i would like it. thus... i treat them by HOW they treat me in the first place. it's only fair isn't it?

well... it's true some of us like to do our own thing and stuffs. but hey, if they can do it... why can't i? i like to do my own stuffs too with certain people. so if friendship matters, they'd value my opinion and also value me.

anyway... talking about doing my own stuffs with certain people. i went out with my sisters today. we went to OU. oh and yesterday, i went to the curve AND OU. and shopped for a watch... cost me rm250! haha... but the retail was rm499 so it was a good buy. so today, i went on and pamper myself and bought me a pair of jean, two necklaces and two pairs of shoes! i have to hide them from my mom. she'd kill me if she knew i bought another pair of shoes. before that, we watched What Happens in Vegas. i underestimated that movie. but hey, the movie was loads of fun!

i heart ashton kutcher!!!

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