Monday, 22 September 2008

NEW Layout... for Sept 2008 - to date

idea came from a sudden conscious of the environment. or perhaps a feeling of remorse for the environment.

the devastating storm in Klang and Kedah that led families celebrating Ramadhan roofless was a sign. a warning. the unpredictable drastic change of weather is only one of the earlier signs. it could get worse... only God knows what the future will be for our children.

i'm one of the people who slowly degrading the environment. trust me, if a hybrid car is available widely in Malaysia, i would be one of the first in line to purchase.

but we can start with the little things like recycling, which my mom and i are actively doing. it also put some extra $$$ in our pockets :) perhaps it'll help us to buy a hybrid one day :))))

so i present you the concept of the new layout >>>-----> let's save the environment!

God is with Us

At the rate i'm going with my design thesis, my blood pressure level should be up to the ceiling now. and i also could predict the end results, which is not a pretty vision. and i would have burst into tears by now.

but i've been through that phase (the slow designer phase) and i refuse to go through the tension and intense pressure situation. when you have that mind set, no matter how deeply in trouble you are, you'll feel calm and collected. although you know the future is not going to be bright a few days ahead but believe that you can do it... believe that you can rise up to the challenge. and fulfill everyone's expectations.

and even if you can't manage to do so... always believe that God is with you.

whatever happens is all in God's hands... what is important is we try our best.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Kalau dah ada filem sembilu... aku nak buat filem bertajuk selumbar plak...

begini plotnya...

Shazuin is still doing her fugly, friggin' conceptual model. She has been stabbing herself with tiny splinters, damaging her nails with super glue and straining her fingers since friday evening. So as she was 60% through her model, she thought she found an easier alternative (the so-called splinter-risk free option) to make the model out of the ridiculous satay sticks... well, she was wrong. it's so happen that the structure just won't work with the splinter-risk free way unless she uses some sort of a knot system that ties the beams and columns together instead of using glue. well tying is another issue... and a hassle. since the beams and columns are made out of satay sticks. so back to plan A.

Now the model is 95% done. When the splinters are starting make her face itch and her fingers ache, she decides to stop and write this stupid blog called "Selumbar".

Nantikan di panggung wayang berdekatan anda!

and i think it's time for a new layout! i'm going green this time. green is the new pink... that's what they all say. i thought green should always have been the new pink :/

Monday, 15 September 2008

Picture Perfect

Last night i get to catch a movie i've been wanting to watch since i was 13...

now eleven years later, i get to watch it. although i hate to miss the few earlier and VERY important parts, i kept on watching in hope i can catch the earlier bits when it shows again.

i thought jay mohr was cute (when he was younger WAY back then) only at certain angles... haha. and i love the fight scene. the so-called big break-up between nick and kate.

i'm doing a structural model on Bus stand klang using satay sticks and i have tiny splinters everywhere! in my fingers, my toes and i can even feel some in my face!!! i was 60% through the model-making when i realized there was a more easier... faster... less-splinter risk way...