Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Life begins!

as i'm writing this, my holiday officially begins. i just finished my last assignment. tomorrow morning i'm going to have them bind and submitted.

so life is a design thesis begins... here goes...

wish me luck!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Answer: Is it two or three?

okay... a friend asked about girls exchanging air kisses when they meet or they bid their goodbyes. some does it three times... some does it twice.

the reason behind the three is because the customs from Arab... there, the greeting Assalamualaikum is associated with three light kisses. we've stereotyped Arabs as Islam and thus their customs has technically become ours. it's only customary. you do it or you don't... there's nothing wrong with that.

and how would you differentiate friends that does three or two? okay... first, don't stiff yourself when you blow your kisses. that way, it won't feel so awkward in case a friend is giving a third. always... anticipate the third kiss. even if it's not there... don't worry. no harm done. but to recognize this 3-kisses friend, they're usually more conservative, laid-back, religious (by relative) type. but you can't really predict actually. so it's best not to stiff yourself.

i'm a 3-kisses friend. but i can be flexible. i know that most friends usually does the 2-kiss greeting. i don't force people into the third kiss. but i don't stiff myself when i do.

so remember folks... don't be a stiff. ha ha ha!

tune in for more next week!

ps: my triplets kittens names >>>---> orange stripes are Robbie and Akhir and the female black striped is April.
i usually named my cats after their birth month. except for their mother. didn't have the inspiration back then.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tuning is a Mommy again...

my cat, Tuning, gave birth to triplet kittens today. i suspect the father was the ugly stray cat, who probably raped my cat. i saw her giving birth last night... which was disgusting but yet, i think, the most miraculous thing to watch.

haven't named them yet. my mom was thinking of giving it away because this would mean we'll have 6 cats. The first batch of twins by my cat is Rama and Dhani. they were born during the fasting month, Ramadhan. now is Rabiulakhir... so it's tough naming the triplets.

Rabi... Ula... Khir???

haha... nasty...

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Remember Me?

i'm reading a book. ok, i was suppose to be studying or doing my assignments since finals are coming up. but i can't put this book down. i'm hardly halfway through the book. and i think it's really interesting even though a bit disbelieving that someone can change so much within three years.

i was thinking. if i had an accident and that cost me my memories of 3 years, would i recognize myself and people around me? pretty much, i still think i am the same person i was 3 years ago... except a few new wardrobe and a new 'tudung' style.

and maybe except how i learn to appreciate and accept things or other people more. i may not open up that easily. i may give u something but it turns out the other. i learn to keep things to myself more and also not rely on other people so much as i rely on God.

are the people around me the same? no... some has gone overseas to study, experienced foreign cultures. some has work from 9 to 5 and earn bonuses at the end of the year. the only bonus i get is during raya and that doesnt even cover 1% of what my friends earn. some got severely huge crush, some got married, engaged... some got new car, laptops, handphones... basically they can stand on their own two feet. i, on the other hand, have to still find out if i'm capable of doing so.

i just found out a friend of mine got pregnant. that's another change within 3 years. was it TMTH, as quoted by Daniel Noriega from AI7... considering all that happened in a space of 3 years... yeah, it was TMTH. but a happy news nevertheless. all my doa's go to her.

a year from now, i'm hoping to earn my B.Arch.

until then, let's hope i don't get a 3-year memory black-hole. or if i do, let's hope i wake up to a good-looking, multimillionaire husband. ha ha...

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Monday, 14 April 2008

This Is A Scene, This Ain't an Arms Race

i'm trying to beat someone at blogging. her current speed is 57b/y and increasing! btw, b/y means blogs per year. i'm only at the speed of 44b/y, but anyway... this ain't a race.

this is life. MY life.

so am i allowed to be emo without u bothering me, iskandar?

i had a little race actually. with a driver, in this context i would like to call J. so J refused to let me into an exit. to annoy me, J deliberately accelerated even though i gave signal i think even the short-sighted would eventually be able to see. almost missing my exit, i finally made it behind J's car but i gave a long blaring horn... just to let J know how pissed i was.

i should've been a race car driver. what J did simply increased my adrenaline and suddenly i felt the competition. i took over J's car and gave J the 'look' and as if to test my faith, J, in return, gave me the 'look' too. as i pass J, i saw in the rear view mirror that J did a hand gesture as if saying, y don't u use your head, lady?

excuse me... J was being an ass and J's telling me to use my head. i don't listen to asses, sweetie.

just to ignite the fire, J took over me again and i caught a glimpse of something. a red sticker at the back of J's car. a 'P' sticker.

no wonder.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Definitely... Maybe...

I started this blog in april 2007 and this will only be my 42nd post.

Someone else started in february this year and ended up having 54 posts already.

So either i didnt have such a luxury of time or she has nothing better to do ;) Ha-Ha!

Anyway, i saw Definitely Maybe today. very sweet and romantic movie. only a few of ryan reynolds performance i really like. he really cant get the stereotype funny-cute-romantic guy look off him. but i cant really blame him for this one - the character really suited him well. wait. i rephrase - it suited him perfectly.

this review does not contain spoiler like the recently-reached-54posts-within-2-months blog. i just thought there were a lot of scenes from the movie that were really sweet. i really cant get over it and also... it makes me think. is there such guy out there? i mean literally here in malaysia. i don't know... maybe i'm too swooned by english words rather than malay. it's not that i'm not loving my mother tongue. i speak my mother tongue. but love words in malay are elaborated and long and i almost find it embarrassing.

"i kept it for years because it's the only thing i have that reminds me of you"
short. direct. sweet. but impactful. oops... theres's no such word. it's influential. effective bottom line.

the father-daughter relationship was also tear jerking. maybe its because his daughter portray too much of a smart girl. i cant remember having those thoughts back when i was 11. maybe i did. but it was bloody 13 years ago and i cant remember it. ha ha... but abigail breslin's performance was always superb. i definitely loved her in little miss sunshine, no reservations, raising helen... one of the biggest talent in child acting, i'd give her that.

"Dad, I can't believe you drank... and smoked... and was such a slut... But I still love you."

i dont remember saying things like that when i was 11. oh wait. my dad was never a drinker but he smoked way before i was born and he definitely wasnt a slut.

GO SEE NOW! but not as first dates... it's too much for a first date. seriously. watch with girlfriends and you'll have a major post-movie conversation after that.

i know i did.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Was in a Cave for the past few weeks and still in it...

i was supposed to be doing work. but i got really sick of looking at it really. just got a little bit more to go. but im so darned tired right now... my body isnt tired - i just had a 6-hr sleep which is considered a luxury for us architecture students. but my mind is utterly tired... numb... cant think anymore.

i've been quarantining myself from my outer archistudents-circle friends for almost a month now. missed them terribly. miss having free weekends... and spend $$$ carelessly.

so i've been too absorbed in my work... i've lost contact from the outside world. like a monk on meditation, like someone in search of something that i'm not even sure of . so i quit searching. i should start appreciating. i thought, what the heck... family and friends are everything. work/money are things in between... if i am going to look for something i have no clue about, i better take care what i have got a hold of. i'm sorry friends... i dont know what ive put ahead of me is less important than what ive left behind.

now i realize it. but whatever i decide, Allah SWT is with me. my family and friends are with me.

i have no regrets.

this course has turned me from a soft jell-o to a rock. and i hope to stay as a rock until the end of it. i do have passion for it... but i have more passion for something. something more... permanent - that is... the after-life. whatever i do now that is not entirely fulfilling, i better do as much as it would satisfy me... not others. i've learned what i can from the 1st yr until now. although it's in the hands of my teachers to pass me... but i really want to get out from this 'cave' soon... and God help me, i will... pray with me, folks... help me get through this 'cave'...

ps: i really dont mind going through puberty twice because i really want to go back to my Sri Aman days... waaaa... easy carefree dorky life!