Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It's All Wrong But It's All Right

Hello are you free tonight I like your looks I love your smile
Could I use you for a while it's all wrong but it's all right
The amber sunset glow has died my needs're very much alive
Is it okay if I stop by it's all wrong but it's all right
It's all wrong but it's all right just close your eyes and hold me tight
Tell me sexy lovin' lines it's all wrong but it's all right

It may be wrong if we make love but I just need someone so much
And who knows it might last for life it's all wrong but it's all right
It's all wrong but it's all right...
It's all wrong but it's all right just close your eyes and fantasize
Tell me sexy lovin' lines it's all wrong but it's all right
It's all wrong but it's all right...

Originally sung by Dolly Parton. I was never a fan but when Michael Johns of the AI7 sang it, i kinda fell in love with the song... and Michael's voice... sighhh* but i prefer the studio recording version.


the reason of this post is that i'm doing me thesis. i felt like i'm doing all wrong... so... it's all wrong but it's all right...

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Ila and Ayah!

my sis turns 17 today and my dad turned 57 on august 22nd but both are not here as they are away for Umrah.

May they are blessed with long life and prosperity :)

i miss them... missing the noise we all make in the house. I can never get used to the quietness in my house in this past week.

Somehow i find the nuisance quite comforting :) (applies to the Yaacob's kins only ok?)

Friday, 22 August 2008

How can rock be so comforting?

my parents, my aunt and younger sis, whom i talk to about everything are away for Umrah. i'm missing them terribly. just the presence of them would comfort me right now. soon my older sis and her family will be returning to their home and i'll be left to turn to perhaps, my older bro and younger sis who probably have problems of their own... my younger brother, whom sometimes doesn't have a clue about anything... perhaps, i'll just turn to my maid... ha ha...

i'm on the verge of somewhere, where i have no clue what to do... where i have my regrets but still, i refuse to fall... perhaps that is my regret... i don't knowwww!

i'm stuck here and i need my source of comfort...

my family is my source of comfort... my rock...

but how can rock be so comforting?

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sexy and the Cit

the reason of the title is that i don't want my 6-year old nephew and 3-year old niece to be hearing the word 'sex' so i converted it to Sexy and the Cit. and it got stuck ever since.

anyway, it's not that i'm not a fan of 'Sexy and the Cit'. i was probably to immature to pick it up when it first showed. and even when i finally reach adolescence, my interests with the show did not grow with me. i'm the type 'once you miss an episode or when there's hassle to pick it up... forget it'.

so i watched the SATC movie on DVD because i don't like censored movies and knowing Malaysia... i think the movie would have been cut down 30mins than its original run time. 30 mins is like 30 days/episodes in a movie... and i don't like missing episodes. i'm not saying this like as if i'm indulging myself in those explicit sex scenes ok??! i'm a person who counts every detail.

i thought the movie was great. i thought it might have boring parts... but hell, i was wrong. i'm 20 something something and the idea of being 40 and beyond scares me... but after i saw this movie, i'm actually not afraid of getting old. well, maybe because i imagine myself growing old with the LVs, the Pradas, the Guccis, the bling bling... ha ha... or maybe i imagine myself growing old with 3 other great friends, whom regardless married or lived across the country, are there for you no matter what =)
i'm on a week holiday and i dread doing my homework, which piles up everyday i decide 'oh well, i can always do it tomorrow'

the thing is... i work faster last minute... and i value my rest. very much.

my source of comfort is MIA for two weeks! how am i to survive next week???!

Friday, 15 August 2008

could not ask for more

some people may need a million dollars to be happy

some may just need to see other people suffer so they can be happy

but me... i just need my family. period.

i have an older sister, who's although married with two kids and you can still go crazy with her. my older brother, who's most of the time ignorant and irresponsible, but when he's around... the world just got funnier i guess. i have two younger sisters... one that i can steal clothes anytime and vice versa and one that i can talk to about anything! i have a younger brother, who's lazy and stubborn, but he is very protective of his family.

your first impression of my father would probably be scary, strict ... but he is exactly everything i'd go looking for a future husband. i'd be stressed out with my work and i would find a text msg reading - all the best, you can do it. i know you can - my dad says...

my mother's warm presence is all you need when you're stressed out about anything. i can talk anything to her without her judging me.

i can't say i have the two best parents in the world because i can't compare. and i can't compare because i have no other parents parenting me.

but all i can say is i'm very grateful to have them as my parents. and i could not ask for more than what they've given me.

btw, i skipped dinner twice in a row because one, i was too stressed out to be eating... second, i missed dinner because i slept at 630pm and woke up at 930am. i thought i slept for just a few hours since before i got to sleep there was still daylight and i woke up... and there was daylight! a record eh??

okay, now i'm really hungry! later, people!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

can't figure out a title for this!

I just came back from a 2-day 'camping' adventure from serendah. i placed the inverted commas because well... would u call it camping if u sleep in a rm400/night chalet with a bed (not bunk ok... a bed!) made out of glass, a functional WC and hot shower, a complete kitchen utensils including the stove and a microwave?

The place called Sekeping Serendah is gorgeous retreat. It is smacked in the middle of a forest, located near a waterfall with such disappointing development. I went once to the waterfall during a picnic but never knew the retreat was there. I'm glad i got a chance to stay there... even for a night. even i had to share my queen-sized bed with two other people.

i got stung by a 'ulat bulu' that thursday. i don't know what's it called in english. is it poisonous caterpillar?? or furry caterpillar? haha... anyway, i thought when u get stung by those stuff, you're suppose to feel itchy. but not this one... this one was painful! like a bee sting painful. so i thought i had an allergic reaction to it or something. i was actually panicking but managed to contain myself. the pain lasted 3 hours. i hated the pain but once it was gone... i kinda missed it. haha... well, it was my first experience getting sting by a 'ulat bulu'!

So we left about 12pm on Friday. my class rep was supposed to hitch a ride with someone but they took off, forgetting him behind because when we arrived, he took a ride with a lecturer. so they thought he would go back on the same ride... but somehow he did not. so luckily we were still there... and he rode home with us. so i technically rescued a person today :D

then i arrived at 130pm. but @ 5pm, i had to head to seremban for my 21-year old cousin's wedding. yeahhh... she's only 21! sigh... anyway, i didn't want to go because i was bloody tired. but i was given the task to be a make-up artist for the day since my aunt forgot to hire one. i only get to rest at 130am that day.

so today is my good friend, salihah's engagement. i remembered that 10 years ago, she said she didn't want to get married and that we all can kick her butt if she does. well, looks like i have some kicking ass to do :)))))