Friday, 21 December 2007

saw a dorothy perkins top...
cost rm89... thought once... twice... thrice...
then walked out...
empty handed...

saw 'i am legend'
poor sam... whom i thought was a male the whole time! (oops... bloopers!)
then left for home...

friends are hard to find...
but u may find them @ unlikely places...

thanks k.umy, adelin & dian for a fun afternoon.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Kak Arfie!

2nd December 2007~
i'm off to singapore this sunday, folks! thought of doing some shopping there but i was defeated by the mega/xmas sale here... three days in a row marathon! with 3 different people...

i gave away my old clothes to the flood victims. well if my maid dont beat them to it. haha... hopefully, the situation gets better for all for raya haji!

peace out~!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Chiang Mai ___.
Ok, fine... i didnt actually go on holiday in Msia.
I LOVE travelling but i loathe flying. but i dont deny the beauty of gliding between layers of clouds. above the horizon, the clouds appeared like cotton candies... like u could bounce from one to another. however, when the plane flies through the thickness of the clouds, u find yourself temporarily lost - curious but yet nervous.
Chiang Mai's weather was average 20deg Celcius and that was already unbearable cool for me. initially, the trip was organized for my dad's golf group but somehow each member brought their families. most of the places we visit, our dads were absent. found better entertainment in puttings rather than shopping. nevertheless, mothers were still happy accompanied by the presence of credit cards and Thai bahts...
The hotel we're staying in is called Centara Duang Tawan. it doesnt have the most spectacular view but since you're only there just to sleep in, i guess it's quite okay. i'm always amused by products, which i'm familiar with, in other languages. like thai for instance. so i was rummaging through the snack bar in the room and i saw this small packaging, which i thought were raisins and as i pick it up, it read 'durex'. i laughed my head off. it's funny that the business is legal there but i didnt know they emphasize on the 'safe sex' campaign. well, of course, i put the package back to where it was.
it's best that you visit chiang mai around november or sometime during the full-moon. because they have a full moon festival called the loy krathong. the day when we arrived happened to be that day of celebration but they were still preparing for it. as the night comes, u can see the lights all over the streets and even up in the sky. they lit up this lantern and we make a wish and release it to the sky. the lantern is some sort like a hot-air balloon. so they have hundreds of them in the sky. they look like yellow stars, drifting lazily across. and also, they are fireworks and firecrackers everywhere.
we did more shopping than visiting. there's a night market located very nearby. the market opens everyday from 6pm to 2am! and it stretches out as far as the street goes. and i've never seen so many tourists from so many different countries at one place and everyone was so friendly. we visited the elephant farm, which i find rather amusing since i think it's something that you cant find in other countries. i rode one and i was strapped to seat on it and i still couldnt balance but the trainer was just sitting on its head, without any help from harnesses, only with the support of his knee and the elephant's ears. the elephant show was amazing. it's a must-go.
as much as i love chiang mai and travelling, as the plane descended, i realized i underestimate my own country.
there's no place like home :)))

i took this picture :D that's why i aint in it. got a huge compliment from a nice british lady ;DDD