Friday, 9 January 2009


it has been a while... i know. i'd say i don't have the time but that would be bullshit . i'd say my internet n phone line was down but that only happens most of the time.

so i'd say some of the time when my internet was up, i didn't have the time... nor the inspiration to write.

i'd say i'm glad to be here because i live in a peaceful country despite the recession, political disputes that kept on rising until it bore us out of our wits! but i'd also say that i'm not...

as we all laughed and celebrated the passing of 2008 on the New Year's eve, our brothers in Islam were screaming... mourning... over, not the passing of 2008, but over the passing of their loved ones. this... so-called... war over terrorists is just a cliche that has been used over and over again by the countries with greater power. i may not see eye to eye with certain people but if innocent civilians and children are categorized as terrorists and deserved to be murdered without mercy during the course of this war, i'd be more than happy to shut up.

but anyway, define terrorist? a man's hero may be another man's terrorist.

so from what most of the world is seeing is that there is some sort of a hidden propaganda.

i don't want to just say that i'm outraged and i want to do something about it than just sign petitions and send my prayers... to our brothers in Islam...