Sunday, 30 August 2009


people who refers to the term - "Money isn't everything"- often thinks about money a lot... don't you think?

Well, in Malaysia... they want good qualities but cheap labour - consequences are the employees are basically overworked, considering we are paid low. i went to a young professionals seminar and they highlighted this... why do u think contractors hire indonesians or other immigrants from third world countries? because they come cheap... but can provide the same quality.

however, in Australia... to be in the construction industry - u need to have qualifications! yes... i'm saying people who lay bricks for their jobs need to have at least some sort of a certified diploma in bricklaying :P

just a thought... on this beautiful rainy sunday morning :) but let's all hope for a better tomorrow :D

Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Shawshank Redemption

I'm a movie buff. but there is one point in my movie-buff life that i ran out of ideas on what to watch (either i don't think the movie is intriguing enough or i've seen most of the movies). so i googled under 'the best movie ever' (cheesy, i know) because i want quick results. ImDB provided me with a list of top 250 movies as voted by their users.

and The Shawshank Redemption was at the top of the list.

although being the first or the second or the 250th, the number of votes does not dictate the rankings. i myself don't know why. but i scanned through the list and still find The Shawshank Redemption at the top of the list by having the most number of votes.

so i decided to get this movie to see what was so great about it.

i don't want to give any spoilers in case anyone wants to see it. i have added my vote that this is the best movie ever. i even think that this movie was inspired from Count of Monte Cristo and also prehaps, this movie inspired Prison Break :P or at least have some sort of a connection.

what i find in this movie rather fulfilling because of the morals it teaches - HOPE. How important it is to have dreams and ambitions... because it will help you imagine and fill yourself with desire and courage to achieve your dreams and ambitions. This is what Tim Robbins' character conveyed... however, Morgan Freeman's character did not believe in hope as he had in it in his mind that hope only drives people crazy.

i can relate to this movie because i've wanted to be an architect since i was 12. through high school, i studied art even though it was not required in the course i was in (sub-science). i even endured a year of pre-university course, which has nothing to do with architecture (only that it was an express ticket to architectural degree). In acquiring my first architectural degree, i hit a huge road bump. i failed to graduate on time. and came to a point where i believed hope is what made me felt pressured and drove me up the walls. but that didn't stop me from pursuing my second architectural degree. i was both Andy Dufresne and Ellis Boyd Redding in my architecture student lifetime :|

so hope... dreams... and ambitions is all it takes :) money will come later ;)

okay, now i ran out of ideas what to watch again... :((( well, let's hope for a better tomorrow :D

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Month of Ramadhan

first and foremost, pardon my 'french' in the previous blog. i was just so angry with hot rod for being so rude to my mother and that now being the month of Ramadhan, it is all about Iman... our strength of conviction. i was put to test that day and i didn't handle it well. my apologies.

yesterday, i had a discussion with a friend who is a catholic. although he claims he doesn't practice often but then there are muslims that are muslims but don't really practice Islam. the root of catholicism or any other religions are basically the same. they teach the very same values. i came to understand traditional catholics do fast during the lent, they were required to cover up and premarital sex was definitely a ticket to hell. i came to conclude that i find it very interesting to know that there are similarities between my religion and his.

what changed this tradition? i don't know. perhaps... globalization and modern thinking. people tend to believe in logic rather than conviction. or maybe the religious leaders back then changed it to suit the ever-changing needs of people or to suit his own personal need... or even simpler, maybe culture is mistaken as religion.

like i mentioned, all religions teach basically the same values. thus, i strongly believe that there is one God, Who creates us all.

Happy fasting and breaking fast to all Muslims


Monday, 24 August 2009

23 year-old Hot Rod vs 56 year-lady Lady and her son...

i wasn't actually there but when this happens to my family... i am as much angered as if i was there. the anger wasn't provoked by the accident or whose fault it was but it was simply triggered by horrible manners and utter disrespect by a 23 year old hot rod against my 56 year old mother and my 27 year old brother.

i am attaching this scenes just to prove that the guy was ridiculous! and how bloody rude he was to my mother. not only that it was his fault and he refused to accept it... but he was such an annoying smart mouth that thinks he's smarter than everybody. well, it was his puny brain and huge ego that got us into this mess in the first place.


my brother was driving, coming back from a friday prayer when he gave a signal to notify other vehicles that he is approaching left because he is about to enter our house.


the whole lane can accomodate two whole cars, which the hot rod's motorcycle could easily cruise by on the right... but this particular hot rod behind my brother's car chose to squeeze in the left. so he attempted an Evel Knievel stunt by speeding up hoping he would get through...


unfortunately... with the puny brain of his... BAM!!... he and his passenger ended up flying after the crash.

my neighbour heard the crash and ran out to help. but the hot rod was already starting to provoke my brother saying it was his fault. HELLO... u cannot be at the car's blind spot because the crash clearly showed that u were speeding and u must have had an ample distance to be able to make that damage to our car (our side mirror is shattered and broken, hanging lop-sided and the side of the door is dented) and not to mention your stupid bike and yourself n ur poor passenger. my neighbour happened to be a very stern old man and when he started to shout asking the both of them make a police report, the hot rod finally kept quiet.

so both of them went to make a police report, where the police also insisted that my brother was the one @ fault. the police officer said, u should approach more to the left so that there will be no space for the bike to go through. some people can be a real thick-heads... i mean how close can u get to the roadside so that the motorcycles will know that they can't go through? how close is close? anyway... whatever... because them police use motorcycles so they're on the hot rod's side for today. they decided to let own insurance pay the damage.

the hot rod was injured so he demanded (not in a nice way) that my brother took him to the hospital. by this time, my mother just came back. my bro told the hot rod that he had to call his parents and do that himself. however, the hot rod still holds my bro responsible. so my mother said, let's take him to the clinic. but she went in to park her car... and her knee wasn't that good, she walked slowly back out towards the gate... and what does the hot rod say,

"Bro... if possible, take me to hospital today or tomorrow... but i would prefer today la, bro"

so bloody rude... who do u think u are?! can't u see that we are doing u a favor?? and my mum has a busted knee! give her a break, a**hole!!

after the clinic, we sent him back to his motorcycle... before he departs, he told my brother and my mother (pointing with his finger) "you two... will answer to God!"

whatever, freak! You'll have to answer to God too, dumb a**!!!