Friday, 2 May 2008

Post labour day

yesterday i was out with two other good friends... also joined by another at 3pm. we went to OU and caught 3 movies from 9am to 5pm.

first movie is 'over her dead body'. all right before someone turns me in, i admit this movie was premiered in my guest room. hahaha... we couldnt find a 3rd movie that was appealing enough so we had to cheat. we paid rm10 nevertheless... so same difference! the movie was ok... i especially love lake bell's performance. i've never seen her before. so watching her for the first time, i'd give her A+ for her performance. if anybody is doubting to see this... i'd say that lake bell and paul rudd won't disappoint u in the laughing department.

the second movie is 'fool's gold'. i wasn't that intrigue to watch but as i heard matthew mcconaughey and kate hudson joining forces again, i thought this would be as much fun as 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'. however, there's more action in this new movie. like treasure hunting, mentor-turned-nemesis, a ruthless rapper called bigbunny, a major blond ( but not blond) socialite called gemma and a yacht owned by a billionaire, the 'precious gem'. to make things much more simpler... like simon cowell would say, forgettable but there's one thing i wont forget is gemma honeycutt. i think there's a little bit of her in all of us.

the third movie is 'forbidden kingdom'. the only out of the three that i really want to watch. only because i've been wanting to see jet li and jackie chan in one movie. i've been more of a jackie chan fan than jet li. jet li was too serious for me. but apparently, in this movie... he proved otherwise. superb kungfu performance by all even that sky high boy, michael angarano. he must've put a lot of effort in making it real. although there are a few boring moments in this but hey, there's jet li and jackie chan in it. that's all needed to make the movie successful. i think... ;)

and we head of to william for dinner. there are three people but only ordered meals for two. don't worry. the meals are a size for 1.5 of each girl actually. so two meals and drinks was more than enough. in fact, we couldn't finish it... ha ha... two meals cost rm62!what a crazy rip-off, isnt it? but we all still love william...

anyway, as this all happen... there was a fatal accident involving 2 UiTM students, whom both are friends of my older brother. They were both on a motorcycle, which actually belongs to the passenger, not the driver. the owner happens to have a fever and asked his friend to drive. and it so happens that, when they were at a traffic light, waiting for the green light. this smart honda crv driver accelerated as the light turned yellow and still going as it turned red and as the other lane was turning green. so there was a collision between two cars and the crv bounced over the divider and towards the two motorcyclist, who had no time to blink. the passenger was thrown off, survived with a few scratches. but the the driver was caught under the crv together with the motorcycle and dragged a few metres away. he died on the way to the hospital.

there was so much 'what if' questions that could be raised. what if the honda had not rammed in the traffic light? what if the other car had seen the honda speeding by? what if the owner of the motorcycle was the driver instead of the passenger?
the boy was my age and he could've just been a witness to another accident instead of the victim.

it's not our place to question God's methods. we should in fact embrace them.

it was his time. that's all. no matter how careful u are on the road, someone else might make a mistake and u have to pay for it.

and we should embrace it by reciting 'Al-fatihah' for him and not take our lives for granted as for Allah SWT can take us anytime. it also made me feel guilty for enjoying so much on labour day.

May Allah SWT blessed the soul of our brother. Al-fatihah... amin.


=azam= said...

salam...saya ada sewaktu keluarga/wakil arwah tuntut is sad to hear this happen during the exam...alfatihah...

im_shy said...

salam... tulah. sedih. all my condolences to u and also his family. alfatihah...