Saturday, 5 January 2008

feliz año nuevo!

it means happy new year! or selamat tahun baru (in malay). my resolution this year >>>------> maintain last year's resolution ;] . well, actually i dont have a resolution... when it's time to improve... just improve! why wait till new year? anyway, i wanted to post my spore trip first before i get on with my new year celebration anecdotes.

i went to spore on the 16th dec to 19th dec. with kak umy and adelin. it was spose to be work based but somehow, with 3 single, shopping-crazy girls... get the picture? but still, we did our work... somewhere along the way. we stayed in asphodel inn, located near farrer park mrt. i have to jot this down. i dont care if he ends up reading this blog... but the receptionist who welcomed us was so cute! i thought i was the only one who noticed how cute he was... but as we were out of his earshot, all 3 went, 'he's sssooo cute'. so can u imagine how cute he must be since 3 single girls ended up having a crush on him? we were sneaky enough to find out his name... must i tell u how? it's a sisterhood secret... i've sworn not to tell.

anyway, i bought a pair of black mng pants, cost me 32 SD (rm74) and to my utter disappointment, adelin told me her sister bought the exact same design in Malaysia for rm69! but i regained composure when she told me there was no black... only beige and brown. i got tops from forever21 and dorothy perkins, which i havent seen them yet in any shopping mall in malaysia. so i consider myself lucky. i bought CK euphoria perfume @ lucky plaza... cost me 78SD... when it shoulve cost me rm270 here in malaysia ;) dont ask me about the originality. as long as it's in the same bottle, smells exactly the same and long lasting... and cheap, of course, it's enough for me.also, got a pair of charles n keith sandals. i wanted a pair of black pumps with red soles... couldnt find any :(

kak umy shopped the most throughout our 4day stay. followed by me and adelin. well, between me and adelin, i think adelin won. on the last day, she bought like 3 bags! she's like a bag collector... but we're still amused by how many bags she owns. adelin owns a lomo fish-eye camera... the following photographs courtesy from her. thanks!

a giant is missing a shoe... and umy plans on taking it! (courtesy of adelin's lomo)adelin's magic lomo... at esplanadein front of our hotel... too bad he wasnt there ;)
@ esplanade@ clarke quay... pronounced as clarke 'key' and dont ask me why.
by the way, we made our own bracelets... made with love :D

During the new year's eve outting, since it was 31st of december, baskin robbins is having a 31% on all their ice creams. so i went to get a pint of chocolate mousse royale and cookies n cream. thinking i would finish it when nana and i go for a movie. apparently, there arent any movies that's appealing enough to us so we decided just to have a late dinner. by 10pm, my ice cream had melted. and i didnt want to eat a melted ice cream so i kept it aside and we kept on talking... catching up on each other's lives. so when it's almost midnight, we stood up and... i dont know who should i be angry with... either the paperbag that gave way or me, being too stupid not to notice the paperbag was soaked with melted ice. so the ice cream dropped from half of my height to the ground and it just splattered everywhere! arghhhh! it felt like my rm16+ went down the drain! waaaa...

i guess it was due to me wearing a tshirt that read 'little miss ditzy'. i wasnt really acting like what my tee said so... i guess one disaster was enough to dubbed me little miss ditzy... perhaps little miss spazz was more correct.
but nana and i had fun nevertheless... although the fireworks lasted only 25mins and getting out of the place took 3 bloody hours... we had fun.
with my best friend since i was 10! presenting >>>---> little miss late!
happy new year, peeps! may god bless us with success and prosperity!