Monday, 30 June 2008

Understand this...

we all can be a jerk at times. but so can you. the issue is... do you realize it?

because i do. i am fully aware of my actions and the consequences. and i know i can fix it. but i can't control what you would think. i am not that powerful.

so because of that, because i care, i try to be as nice as i can.

don't start telling me about what a jerk i am when you have been a jerk and i haven't said anything about it.

because i know when or where i screw up and i can fix it... i don't need you telling me because it doesn't make things easier. it makes me feel like shit. and i don't need that from you.

understand this - i don't just stay and live for the moment without considering the consequences of my actions. either good or bad, i am fully aware of it... and i can fix it.

if you let me...

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