Friday, 27 June 2008

U got... Dihendaki, Jolok!

Yesterday i went to meet my friends back in matrix to discuss about our holiday plan to Malacca. yeah , we're just going to Malacca... nothing extravagant. anyway, a member was turning up late so my good friend (who is so friggin hillarious and she showed up at Pyramid with a tie-die pants) started to crack up crazy riddles.

the first one was:
Q: if you're standing behind a car, what will the car say?
A: "You got exhausted!"

and the second one goes like this:
Q: if you're standing in front of a car, what will the car say?
A: "You got tired"

hahah... ok it wasn't that funny but the fact she took the liberty to do so while we waited for the other friend and with such passion in delivering it by making a '3D' loser sign with her hand, every time we guessed wrong. a '3D' loser sign is something she made up so that we can see the word 'L' in all angles.

cheesy. but it's funny.

i can always count on her for ridiculous humour. u can never imagine what she would come up with.

after dinner, we all went and catch a movie "wanted". the movie just came out and i desperately wanted to see my hero, James McAvoy. since it's a weekday and i bet there's not many people are going to see, i seized the opportunity by booking in advance. we thought of not claiming the tickets first because we thought no one wanted to watch but luckily we changed our minds and claimed it because it was a full house that night. the movie was brilliant... even if it sucked, i still love my scotsman :) i thought it was a serious typical hitman movie... but apparently, there were a lot of humour and we were laughing hysterically.

anyone watched the trailer? there was this part were angelina jolie was driving a red viper (i think) and she drifted the car to take in James in the passenger side? man that was a cool stunt... but i didn't expect people would clap at the end of the scene. it felt like we were in a circus show. but yeah, the movie did felt like a circus show that night. it was fun.

after the movie, guess what my crazy friend came up with? she started mimicking "wanted" scenes in malay. first translating "wanted" into Malay and pretending she was jolie... only in the malay version, she claimed to be angelina jolok! haha... and jolie's character in the movie is 'fox' whilst jolok's version is called 'musang'. i think i inhaled too much oxygen from the laughing, i actually felt light and was driving a little carelessly. we almost got hit by a car and got a sarcastic greeting from a toll-gate girl. but let me assure u that the almost-accident part wasn't my fault.

so despite a bad end to the night, it was fun.

can't wait for the road trip to Malacca!

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