Monday, 30 June 2008

Art PortFolio

i just started sketching again. sketching is something i've done since i was small. and i can't remember exactly what my drawings was nor kept my drawings back then... but i remember them being awful.

then when i was 13, i started sketching portraits of people. my first was leonardo dicaprio's ;) back then titanic was like a huge thing so... anyway, the sketch was probably in the dumpster or drain... somewhere... it was horrible, that was why.

over 3 years, i started developing my interest. with my art teacher discovering what i have and she was the one that initiated me. in class, we were told to keep out sketches in a loose binding folder. of course, when it's loose, it got lost.

so when i was 16, i decided i should have a sketchbook and have been keeping my drawings since then, either terrible or good... i don't mind. there's indescribable satisfaction when i look through them.

8 years and 10 volumes of sketch book later...

i'm going to post my previous drawings on my blogs next time!

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