Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Last King of Scotland

I just recently saw the movie from the satellite TV network system. i missed the first hour of the movie. and since my Scottish hero is on, i decided to stay glued to the TV, even though it frustrates me not knowing how Dr. Garrigan and the previous Ugandan president, Idi Amin met.

Only when my mother, who was a history teacher, joined me to watch that I only find out that the movie was based on actual events. The dictator/president character was based on a real-life character. Idi Amin was a Muslim... and it scared me to know the fact that a Muslim leader can be so terrifying when Islam is all about peace and humility. and it makes me appreciate more that I'm here in Malaysia, although facing political and economic instability, I still feel safe.

Dr. Garrigan 's character was Idi Amin's physician. Although his character was fictional, it was one that caught me (not the fact that James McAvoy played it). Although missing the whole section where he and Idi Amin officially met, i understand that he came to Uganda in need of recognition. however, after 6 years of being Idi Amin's closest advisor, he suddenly realized that his need for recognition has blinded him. It makes me think that we shouldn't just stay and live for the moment without considering of the consequences of our actions. Yes, we all want to achieve so many things and be recognized, be known, needed, wanted, loved or let me put in Jerry Maguire's term - we all want the 'kwan'.

but let's not forget the kwans we already have - our families and friends.

but bravo to Forest Whitaker for his performance as Idi Amin. He earned his Oscar for best actor. At first, i resented his win because i thought Leonardo Dicaprio should earn it for his performance in the Departed. but after i saw this movie, i finally found out that his acting outperformed dicaprio's by a mile.

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