Monday, 23 June 2008

It's not just about the right time...

so i have been repeatedly asked by traditional, conservative mothers the FAQ - when am i going to get married?

by my age, these traditional and conservative mothers are already married or some even already have their first child by now. not to say being traditional and conservative is bad. half of my friends are married or already have their first child by now. they're lucky they've found someone they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with.

so maybe my journey for 'the one' is a little further than the rest. so maybe it is the right time for me to get married... but marriage is not about because it's the right time to get married, it's also about finding the right person to be married to.

yeah... i maybe a little picky. but its actually more that, well metaphorically speaking, i just haven't found someone who is made to finish my duet (hahah! thanks to Enchanted). so i can't say i'm picky. because all the criterias that i want in a guy has been completely useless. i have no criterias at all now. when he's the one, he's the one... even if the guy has all the total opposite of the criterias u have in ur list.

so we are all growing old and the time might have been right for us to settle down all along since we reached puberty but hey, if u haven't find the right person yet, would u want to be married just simply it was the time to?

no right?

so what's wrong with waiting a little longer, what's wrong with being miserable watching everyone else with their happily ever after so that u can eventually find yours?

because it's not just about the right time...

(with reference from mrs. faiza mohd fauzi and from the movie - definitely maybe)

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