Monday, 14 April 2008

This Is A Scene, This Ain't an Arms Race

i'm trying to beat someone at blogging. her current speed is 57b/y and increasing! btw, b/y means blogs per year. i'm only at the speed of 44b/y, but anyway... this ain't a race.

this is life. MY life.

so am i allowed to be emo without u bothering me, iskandar?

i had a little race actually. with a driver, in this context i would like to call J. so J refused to let me into an exit. to annoy me, J deliberately accelerated even though i gave signal i think even the short-sighted would eventually be able to see. almost missing my exit, i finally made it behind J's car but i gave a long blaring horn... just to let J know how pissed i was.

i should've been a race car driver. what J did simply increased my adrenaline and suddenly i felt the competition. i took over J's car and gave J the 'look' and as if to test my faith, J, in return, gave me the 'look' too. as i pass J, i saw in the rear view mirror that J did a hand gesture as if saying, y don't u use your head, lady?

excuse me... J was being an ass and J's telling me to use my head. i don't listen to asses, sweetie.

just to ignite the fire, J took over me again and i caught a glimpse of something. a red sticker at the back of J's car. a 'P' sticker.

no wonder.

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