Sunday, 20 April 2008

Answer: Is it two or three?

okay... a friend asked about girls exchanging air kisses when they meet or they bid their goodbyes. some does it three times... some does it twice.

the reason behind the three is because the customs from Arab... there, the greeting Assalamualaikum is associated with three light kisses. we've stereotyped Arabs as Islam and thus their customs has technically become ours. it's only customary. you do it or you don't... there's nothing wrong with that.

and how would you differentiate friends that does three or two? okay... first, don't stiff yourself when you blow your kisses. that way, it won't feel so awkward in case a friend is giving a third. always... anticipate the third kiss. even if it's not there... don't worry. no harm done. but to recognize this 3-kisses friend, they're usually more conservative, laid-back, religious (by relative) type. but you can't really predict actually. so it's best not to stiff yourself.

i'm a 3-kisses friend. but i can be flexible. i know that most friends usually does the 2-kiss greeting. i don't force people into the third kiss. but i don't stiff myself when i do.

so remember folks... don't be a stiff. ha ha ha!

tune in for more next week!

ps: my triplets kittens names >>>---> orange stripes are Robbie and Akhir and the female black striped is April.
i usually named my cats after their birth month. except for their mother. didn't have the inspiration back then.

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