Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Remember Me?

i'm reading a book. ok, i was suppose to be studying or doing my assignments since finals are coming up. but i can't put this book down. i'm hardly halfway through the book. and i think it's really interesting even though a bit disbelieving that someone can change so much within three years.

i was thinking. if i had an accident and that cost me my memories of 3 years, would i recognize myself and people around me? pretty much, i still think i am the same person i was 3 years ago... except a few new wardrobe and a new 'tudung' style.

and maybe except how i learn to appreciate and accept things or other people more. i may not open up that easily. i may give u something but it turns out the other. i learn to keep things to myself more and also not rely on other people so much as i rely on God.

are the people around me the same? no... some has gone overseas to study, experienced foreign cultures. some has work from 9 to 5 and earn bonuses at the end of the year. the only bonus i get is during raya and that doesnt even cover 1% of what my friends earn. some got severely huge crush, some got married, engaged... some got new car, laptops, handphones... basically they can stand on their own two feet. i, on the other hand, have to still find out if i'm capable of doing so.

i just found out a friend of mine got pregnant. that's another change within 3 years. was it TMTH, as quoted by Daniel Noriega from AI7... considering all that happened in a space of 3 years... yeah, it was TMTH. but a happy news nevertheless. all my doa's go to her.

a year from now, i'm hoping to earn my B.Arch.

until then, let's hope i don't get a 3-year memory black-hole. or if i do, let's hope i wake up to a good-looking, multimillionaire husband. ha ha...

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

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posurm said...

bercita2 tinggi ko nie.. nak kawin datuk ke??