Saturday, 12 April 2008

Definitely... Maybe...

I started this blog in april 2007 and this will only be my 42nd post.

Someone else started in february this year and ended up having 54 posts already.

So either i didnt have such a luxury of time or she has nothing better to do ;) Ha-Ha!

Anyway, i saw Definitely Maybe today. very sweet and romantic movie. only a few of ryan reynolds performance i really like. he really cant get the stereotype funny-cute-romantic guy look off him. but i cant really blame him for this one - the character really suited him well. wait. i rephrase - it suited him perfectly.

this review does not contain spoiler like the recently-reached-54posts-within-2-months blog. i just thought there were a lot of scenes from the movie that were really sweet. i really cant get over it and also... it makes me think. is there such guy out there? i mean literally here in malaysia. i don't know... maybe i'm too swooned by english words rather than malay. it's not that i'm not loving my mother tongue. i speak my mother tongue. but love words in malay are elaborated and long and i almost find it embarrassing.

"i kept it for years because it's the only thing i have that reminds me of you"
short. direct. sweet. but impactful. oops... theres's no such word. it's influential. effective bottom line.

the father-daughter relationship was also tear jerking. maybe its because his daughter portray too much of a smart girl. i cant remember having those thoughts back when i was 11. maybe i did. but it was bloody 13 years ago and i cant remember it. ha ha... but abigail breslin's performance was always superb. i definitely loved her in little miss sunshine, no reservations, raising helen... one of the biggest talent in child acting, i'd give her that.

"Dad, I can't believe you drank... and smoked... and was such a slut... But I still love you."

i dont remember saying things like that when i was 11. oh wait. my dad was never a drinker but he smoked way before i was born and he definitely wasnt a slut.

GO SEE NOW! but not as first dates... it's too much for a first date. seriously. watch with girlfriends and you'll have a major post-movie conversation after that.

i know i did.

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