Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sexy and the Cit

the reason of the title is that i don't want my 6-year old nephew and 3-year old niece to be hearing the word 'sex' so i converted it to Sexy and the Cit. and it got stuck ever since.

anyway, it's not that i'm not a fan of 'Sexy and the Cit'. i was probably to immature to pick it up when it first showed. and even when i finally reach adolescence, my interests with the show did not grow with me. i'm the type 'once you miss an episode or when there's hassle to pick it up... forget it'.

so i watched the SATC movie on DVD because i don't like censored movies and knowing Malaysia... i think the movie would have been cut down 30mins than its original run time. 30 mins is like 30 days/episodes in a movie... and i don't like missing episodes. i'm not saying this like as if i'm indulging myself in those explicit sex scenes ok??! i'm a person who counts every detail.

i thought the movie was great. i thought it might have boring parts... but hell, i was wrong. i'm 20 something something and the idea of being 40 and beyond scares me... but after i saw this movie, i'm actually not afraid of getting old. well, maybe because i imagine myself growing old with the LVs, the Pradas, the Guccis, the bling bling... ha ha... or maybe i imagine myself growing old with 3 other great friends, whom regardless married or lived across the country, are there for you no matter what =)
i'm on a week holiday and i dread doing my homework, which piles up everyday i decide 'oh well, i can always do it tomorrow'

the thing is... i work faster last minute... and i value my rest. very much.

my source of comfort is MIA for two weeks! how am i to survive next week???!

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Anonymous said...
It was awhile ago when I saw it, but there is apparently something you can download and burn to a disk and it will delete just about everything from your computer to make reformatting easier. Anybody know what the website is? There are missing, necessary files on our desktop or there may have been a virus and now its all screwy. I just got a laptop so was able to transfer all the stuff I needed from the desktop to the laptop, so it'd be better just to reformat since I already have everything backed up here so to speak.