Saturday, 9 August 2008

can't figure out a title for this!

I just came back from a 2-day 'camping' adventure from serendah. i placed the inverted commas because well... would u call it camping if u sleep in a rm400/night chalet with a bed (not bunk ok... a bed!) made out of glass, a functional WC and hot shower, a complete kitchen utensils including the stove and a microwave?

The place called Sekeping Serendah is gorgeous retreat. It is smacked in the middle of a forest, located near a waterfall with such disappointing development. I went once to the waterfall during a picnic but never knew the retreat was there. I'm glad i got a chance to stay there... even for a night. even i had to share my queen-sized bed with two other people.

i got stung by a 'ulat bulu' that thursday. i don't know what's it called in english. is it poisonous caterpillar?? or furry caterpillar? haha... anyway, i thought when u get stung by those stuff, you're suppose to feel itchy. but not this one... this one was painful! like a bee sting painful. so i thought i had an allergic reaction to it or something. i was actually panicking but managed to contain myself. the pain lasted 3 hours. i hated the pain but once it was gone... i kinda missed it. haha... well, it was my first experience getting sting by a 'ulat bulu'!

So we left about 12pm on Friday. my class rep was supposed to hitch a ride with someone but they took off, forgetting him behind because when we arrived, he took a ride with a lecturer. so they thought he would go back on the same ride... but somehow he did not. so luckily we were still there... and he rode home with us. so i technically rescued a person today :D

then i arrived at 130pm. but @ 5pm, i had to head to seremban for my 21-year old cousin's wedding. yeahhh... she's only 21! sigh... anyway, i didn't want to go because i was bloody tired. but i was given the task to be a make-up artist for the day since my aunt forgot to hire one. i only get to rest at 130am that day.

so today is my good friend, salihah's engagement. i remembered that 10 years ago, she said she didn't want to get married and that we all can kick her butt if she does. well, looks like i have some kicking ass to do :)))))

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