Friday, 15 August 2008

could not ask for more

some people may need a million dollars to be happy

some may just need to see other people suffer so they can be happy

but me... i just need my family. period.

i have an older sister, who's although married with two kids and you can still go crazy with her. my older brother, who's most of the time ignorant and irresponsible, but when he's around... the world just got funnier i guess. i have two younger sisters... one that i can steal clothes anytime and vice versa and one that i can talk to about anything! i have a younger brother, who's lazy and stubborn, but he is very protective of his family.

your first impression of my father would probably be scary, strict ... but he is exactly everything i'd go looking for a future husband. i'd be stressed out with my work and i would find a text msg reading - all the best, you can do it. i know you can - my dad says...

my mother's warm presence is all you need when you're stressed out about anything. i can talk anything to her without her judging me.

i can't say i have the two best parents in the world because i can't compare. and i can't compare because i have no other parents parenting me.

but all i can say is i'm very grateful to have them as my parents. and i could not ask for more than what they've given me.

btw, i skipped dinner twice in a row because one, i was too stressed out to be eating... second, i missed dinner because i slept at 630pm and woke up at 930am. i thought i slept for just a few hours since before i got to sleep there was still daylight and i woke up... and there was daylight! a record eh??

okay, now i'm really hungry! later, people!

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