Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Shawshank Redemption

I'm a movie buff. but there is one point in my movie-buff life that i ran out of ideas on what to watch (either i don't think the movie is intriguing enough or i've seen most of the movies). so i googled under 'the best movie ever' (cheesy, i know) because i want quick results. ImDB provided me with a list of top 250 movies as voted by their users.

and The Shawshank Redemption was at the top of the list.

although being the first or the second or the 250th, the number of votes does not dictate the rankings. i myself don't know why. but i scanned through the list and still find The Shawshank Redemption at the top of the list by having the most number of votes.

so i decided to get this movie to see what was so great about it.

i don't want to give any spoilers in case anyone wants to see it. i have added my vote that this is the best movie ever. i even think that this movie was inspired from Count of Monte Cristo and also prehaps, this movie inspired Prison Break :P or at least have some sort of a connection.

what i find in this movie rather fulfilling because of the morals it teaches - HOPE. How important it is to have dreams and ambitions... because it will help you imagine and fill yourself with desire and courage to achieve your dreams and ambitions. This is what Tim Robbins' character conveyed... however, Morgan Freeman's character did not believe in hope as he had in it in his mind that hope only drives people crazy.

i can relate to this movie because i've wanted to be an architect since i was 12. through high school, i studied art even though it was not required in the course i was in (sub-science). i even endured a year of pre-university course, which has nothing to do with architecture (only that it was an express ticket to architectural degree). In acquiring my first architectural degree, i hit a huge road bump. i failed to graduate on time. and came to a point where i believed hope is what made me felt pressured and drove me up the walls. but that didn't stop me from pursuing my second architectural degree. i was both Andy Dufresne and Ellis Boyd Redding in my architecture student lifetime :|

so hope... dreams... and ambitions is all it takes :) money will come later ;)

okay, now i ran out of ideas what to watch again... :((( well, let's hope for a better tomorrow :D

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syahila.amira.yaacob said...

sounds interesting..
i definitely want to watch..hehehe..