Monday, 24 August 2009

23 year-old Hot Rod vs 56 year-lady Lady and her son...

i wasn't actually there but when this happens to my family... i am as much angered as if i was there. the anger wasn't provoked by the accident or whose fault it was but it was simply triggered by horrible manners and utter disrespect by a 23 year old hot rod against my 56 year old mother and my 27 year old brother.

i am attaching this scenes just to prove that the guy was ridiculous! and how bloody rude he was to my mother. not only that it was his fault and he refused to accept it... but he was such an annoying smart mouth that thinks he's smarter than everybody. well, it was his puny brain and huge ego that got us into this mess in the first place.


my brother was driving, coming back from a friday prayer when he gave a signal to notify other vehicles that he is approaching left because he is about to enter our house.


the whole lane can accomodate two whole cars, which the hot rod's motorcycle could easily cruise by on the right... but this particular hot rod behind my brother's car chose to squeeze in the left. so he attempted an Evel Knievel stunt by speeding up hoping he would get through...


unfortunately... with the puny brain of his... BAM!!... he and his passenger ended up flying after the crash.

my neighbour heard the crash and ran out to help. but the hot rod was already starting to provoke my brother saying it was his fault. HELLO... u cannot be at the car's blind spot because the crash clearly showed that u were speeding and u must have had an ample distance to be able to make that damage to our car (our side mirror is shattered and broken, hanging lop-sided and the side of the door is dented) and not to mention your stupid bike and yourself n ur poor passenger. my neighbour happened to be a very stern old man and when he started to shout asking the both of them make a police report, the hot rod finally kept quiet.

so both of them went to make a police report, where the police also insisted that my brother was the one @ fault. the police officer said, u should approach more to the left so that there will be no space for the bike to go through. some people can be a real thick-heads... i mean how close can u get to the roadside so that the motorcycles will know that they can't go through? how close is close? anyway... whatever... because them police use motorcycles so they're on the hot rod's side for today. they decided to let own insurance pay the damage.

the hot rod was injured so he demanded (not in a nice way) that my brother took him to the hospital. by this time, my mother just came back. my bro told the hot rod that he had to call his parents and do that himself. however, the hot rod still holds my bro responsible. so my mother said, let's take him to the clinic. but she went in to park her car... and her knee wasn't that good, she walked slowly back out towards the gate... and what does the hot rod say,

"Bro... if possible, take me to hospital today or tomorrow... but i would prefer today la, bro"

so bloody rude... who do u think u are?! can't u see that we are doing u a favor?? and my mum has a busted knee! give her a break, a**hole!!

after the clinic, we sent him back to his motorcycle... before he departs, he told my brother and my mother (pointing with his finger) "you two... will answer to God!"

whatever, freak! You'll have to answer to God too, dumb a**!!!



this happened to us i think about 15 years ago maybe, in malacca. the police sided with the cyclist too. my mom had to pay for the damages plus the guys' medical treatment and what not.

this is why I dislike motorbikes. somehow they're almost never at fault. but we all know, most cyclists ride recklessly anyways, they're more prone to get into an accident any time. kapchai riders are usually on the lower income side so sometimes the police would side with them so that the car driver (kononnya higher income lah) would incur the costs etc.

unfair kan? sigh.

im_shy said...

yeah it is... considering ayah has just changed the car's external skin n paint, cost him RM 6k... now he has to spend more because of that dufus.

anyway, when i went to beijing... the tourist guide told me that beijing bans motorcycles because not only that they ride em recklessly and endangering themselves and others... it's because of the noise pollution motorcycles produce... brenggg breeenggggggg!! :P

cleon dann said...

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