Thursday, 27 August 2009

Month of Ramadhan

first and foremost, pardon my 'french' in the previous blog. i was just so angry with hot rod for being so rude to my mother and that now being the month of Ramadhan, it is all about Iman... our strength of conviction. i was put to test that day and i didn't handle it well. my apologies.

yesterday, i had a discussion with a friend who is a catholic. although he claims he doesn't practice often but then there are muslims that are muslims but don't really practice Islam. the root of catholicism or any other religions are basically the same. they teach the very same values. i came to understand traditional catholics do fast during the lent, they were required to cover up and premarital sex was definitely a ticket to hell. i came to conclude that i find it very interesting to know that there are similarities between my religion and his.

what changed this tradition? i don't know. perhaps... globalization and modern thinking. people tend to believe in logic rather than conviction. or maybe the religious leaders back then changed it to suit the ever-changing needs of people or to suit his own personal need... or even simpler, maybe culture is mistaken as religion.

like i mentioned, all religions teach basically the same values. thus, i strongly believe that there is one God, Who creates us all.

Happy fasting and breaking fast to all Muslims


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