Thursday, 6 November 2008

Take a Chance

i know exactly which people are going to make fun of me after they read this blog. but it's about time i stop feeling bothered by what other people think of me and take a chance...

i should be paying attention to my dissertation or thesis but this frustration is so overwhelming that i need to get it out of my system or else i can't function well.
maybe it's the shouting more than singing in the redbox... maybe it's the coffee we had after that... maybe it's the air... maybe it's someone i met today...

after redbox... i knew i would be drawing attention. i'm not saying as if i'm flattering myself but i was carrying a bottle of sparking grape juice, which very much looked like a bottle of champagne. and for someone like me to be carrying something like that around, it was a pretty odd combination and very provocative sight.

even one indian aunty from McDonald's was very skeptical with the sight of me carrying the champagne look-alike. she kept eyeing me and immediately, to my defense, i said, "This is sparkling juice... not alcohol..."
somehow the indian aunty just couldn't get it into her head. she kept asking me if it was appropriate for someone like me to be drinking... won't i get drunk?? i was done convincing... i ignored her.

we sat outside McD, alfresco style. Just so happen a group of three guys next to us was skeptical as well. one of them asked and i responded to my defense. apparently, one of us (other than myself) thought he was nice to look at. i wouldn't want to go into the details as i'd like the memory all to myself ;) all began with that bottle of champagne look-alike.

it was so unfortunate that i have SHY as my initials. it somehow defines me as well. he asked for my name and number. it was so unfortunate that i care so much about integrity, my friends' feelings and their perceptions towards me... i actually ignored. so all the way back home, i kept thinking what should have happened if i, for once, ignore my fear and took a chance...

maybe not to the extend of handing out my number. i guess he has to work a little harder than that :)

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