Monday, 10 November 2008

Preach on a Monday

it's amazing how a mind works. i was watching a movie - sweet november - since it is november and i heart keanu reeves and charlize theron combo so much. so it was just a romantic... sweet... kinda boring harmless movie... and turned out, i was slowly having an epiphany.

what caused this?


really... i've always known and worried what globalization could do to our culture and values. globalization spreads knowledge and provides exposure but yet, it could also destroy a knowledge and people are easily influenced when they are weak.

it is the modern era.

the needs of people also evolve. culture evolves. i don't deny it. but it must not be destroyed. The eastern culture has absorbed western culture so much that i don't need a whole continent as a case study. just studying people around me is enough to convince how much our culture is deteriorating. and so does the values that our religion has taught us.

yes, you see people dress like westerners everyday, u can hardly tell them apart now with people dying their hair blonds and contact lenses turning our eyes colourful. we are more fluent using their language than our own. but that shouldn't alter who we are inside.

we are malays. by definition, a malay has to be a muslim. but u see Malays everywhere but practicing Muslims very rare. aside from the issue of globalization, the global warming is perhaps a factor that Muslims are wearing lesser cloth. let me repeat - the needs of people change - and touching the opposite sex when they are not your brother or sister is highly normal now, how would our next generation behave then?

is this the kind of values we want to teach our children? do we want to create a generation who never speaks of their mother tongue or practice what is required by Islam?

what is you answer?

life is short. the afterlife is everlasting... and it awaits us.

you decide.


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