Sunday, 9 November 2008

Do it for Yourself

there's a huge boundary between being good at something and loving doing it.

when you find yourself being good at something and not loving it - it feels like everything is forced, even though u keep being good at it. it feels like a job... an obligation but not fulfilling.

a few years back, i saw the sitcom - Two guys, a girl and a pizza place - this guy is a good architect but he hates doing it... he loves to be a commentator but lousy at it.
so i thought, not that i'm good at psychoanalyzing wutsoever but i thought he can still do the job he hates forever... but never make the thing that you love to do as your job even though you're not lousy at it.
because loving what you do is about doing it for yourself and when it is a job, you would be doing it for someone else or for some other thing that isn't permanent. and it forces you to fulfill other people's expectations and not yours.

no matter how sucky you are at what you do or how good you are at something u felt sucky doing, do it for yourself... it would turn out to be rather fulfilling than you can imagine.

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