Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Kalau dah ada filem sembilu... aku nak buat filem bertajuk selumbar plak...

begini plotnya...

Shazuin is still doing her fugly, friggin' conceptual model. She has been stabbing herself with tiny splinters, damaging her nails with super glue and straining her fingers since friday evening. So as she was 60% through her model, she thought she found an easier alternative (the so-called splinter-risk free option) to make the model out of the ridiculous satay sticks... well, she was wrong. it's so happen that the structure just won't work with the splinter-risk free way unless she uses some sort of a knot system that ties the beams and columns together instead of using glue. well tying is another issue... and a hassle. since the beams and columns are made out of satay sticks. so back to plan A.

Now the model is 95% done. When the splinters are starting make her face itch and her fingers ache, she decides to stop and write this stupid blog called "Selumbar".

Nantikan di panggung wayang berdekatan anda!

and i think it's time for a new layout! i'm going green this time. green is the new pink... that's what they all say. i thought green should always have been the new pink :/

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