Monday, 22 September 2008

God is with Us

At the rate i'm going with my design thesis, my blood pressure level should be up to the ceiling now. and i also could predict the end results, which is not a pretty vision. and i would have burst into tears by now.

but i've been through that phase (the slow designer phase) and i refuse to go through the tension and intense pressure situation. when you have that mind set, no matter how deeply in trouble you are, you'll feel calm and collected. although you know the future is not going to be bright a few days ahead but believe that you can do it... believe that you can rise up to the challenge. and fulfill everyone's expectations.

and even if you can't manage to do so... always believe that God is with you.

whatever happens is all in God's hands... what is important is we try our best.

1 comment:

wsun said...

the experience is more important than the result. if we get something that is unexpected at the beginning( or manybe so called bad ending),at least we know that we did the wrong thing, right?
so, the kebarangkalian to get lost is lower for next try!!!
wish all of us good luck ya!!