Monday, 22 September 2008

NEW Layout... for Sept 2008 - to date

idea came from a sudden conscious of the environment. or perhaps a feeling of remorse for the environment.

the devastating storm in Klang and Kedah that led families celebrating Ramadhan roofless was a sign. a warning. the unpredictable drastic change of weather is only one of the earlier signs. it could get worse... only God knows what the future will be for our children.

i'm one of the people who slowly degrading the environment. trust me, if a hybrid car is available widely in Malaysia, i would be one of the first in line to purchase.

but we can start with the little things like recycling, which my mom and i are actively doing. it also put some extra $$$ in our pockets :) perhaps it'll help us to buy a hybrid one day :))))

so i present you the concept of the new layout >>>-----> let's save the environment!

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