Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Gone Rasta Gone!

on saturday, i went to the curve and met with some friends from my former school.
we shopped at the flea market and then watched movie at cineleisure.

watched vantage point.
loved the plot. loved how the way the story was told.
but there was too much suspense that it was really killing me and my friends!

after movie, we were going for dinner.
the only thing i could think of is rasta - close. fast. cheap.
nana and ai ling agreed.
drove happily and arriving at the place.
only to notice a huge empty land.
i was like, since when this huge parking lot is here?
but it was actually where Rasta was...
we were like, what??!!! but then laughed our butts off for not knowing it was gone for quite some time!

embarrassed. we headed uptown.

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