Saturday, 8 March 2008


Today is election day and i'm voting for the first time.

Kind of nervous because i'm not sure of the procedure even though it is actually so simple but that made me even more nervous because i really dont want to make a fool out of myself for not understanding how to do simple stuffs.

Anyway, it went ok. i ticked which party i'm rooting for and place them in the box and that's it. my job as a malaysian citizen was done!

i was proud that i took a role of establishing our government although there are some nasty truth and hidden agendas that i know myself that they are not pleasing. i think a lot of times you have to play dirty in politics. like the saying, 'do a little evil to do greater good'.

so to all of you, who haven't registered yet to vote. please do so... even one vote matters!



Axxu said...

the problem is their do a litter evil and do the great bad job to people. Stop rasuah, stop control justice, stop cheat people.

im_shy said...

correct... i was just saying to emphasis on playing dirty in politics.

posurm said...

selangor dah jatuh ke pembangkang.. ko la salah sorang penyumbang..
aku tau ko undi sape!!!!