Thursday, 24 May 2007

it's about time...

@ 23 years and 22 days, im
- graduating from first degree, which supposed to be last year
- continuing study for the next two years (i hope!) if not, then three years.
in the mean time, i am...
- coaching first years on their measured drwgs (if i am much of a help)
- a free-lance draftwoman for an architect with COD payment
so i can
- support myself and not depend on my parents since i am TWENTY-THREE already!
- make new friends and bridge the gap between senior and juniors and also the gap between a student and a lecturer (deep eh?)
but sometime in july,
- im continuing for my Bachelor in Architecture (and finish it in 2 years!)
- get my act together and hope my family and friends support me all the way

no more delays, please... because @ 23, and perhaps the only one among my friends, who isnt standing on her own two feet... it's about time.

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