Wednesday, 4 April 2007

My Final Semester

its been a year, yep i know... nothing has been as exhilarating as me flunking final semester... because of embarrassment, i didn't post it. but now, i'm not embarrassed anymore... mayb i was given a 2nd chance to prove myself. well, here i am now...

most of last year i spent working in MATA architect, an architectural firm where i did my pratical training. but during my practical training, i had only 2 months back then. now, i had 7 whole months to learn how a company operates. eventhough my salary isn't exactly what u can say u can be proud or satisfied of but i wasn't really into the money... i was more into the experience. money was just a plus side. gaining the knowledge i need about architecture and also friends of many kind along the way. i learned about office politics, marketing strategies and even once went a meeting alone with a consultant. i also learned that i have what it takes to be in a team :) before my last day, my boss offered me a job there. even when i haven't graduated. i have to admit that i can't wait to come back.

studying again felt so dreadful. mainly because i felt i was more into work - less stressful and easier work and definitely no listening to lecturers nagging, babbling and demoralise you. everything was so straight to the point at the office. everything seemed easier. not like the lecturers say in class. then i started to pick up my pace in my studies although i didn't get satisfying results so far. lecturers are giving me all the bullshits about a tougher world out there. well, guess what? they can't fool me. i've been there...

so now, i'm finishing my part I degree and i've applied to continue for the second part. i hope i get it straight away. most of the applicants were told to work first before entering the second part. as much as i love working, i thought i'd better get study over with first. i'm afraid if i start working first, i'd enjoy my salary too much that i didn't have the heart to study again. so when you have the heart, just go for it. i can't imagine myself becoming a fully transformed architect but i feel, why not aim high?

aim for the moon. if you miss, you land among the stars.

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