Friday, 23 October 2009

Fire Stone

Back in high school, where most of us are still immature and of raging hormones, i used to pick up a lot of petty fights with friends. the littlest things are made a huge fuss and we ended up not speaking for days.

so i had a quarrel with my friend when i was sixteen. the matter was perhaps so small and insignificant because i have no memory what caused the quarrel in the first place. but i remembered being ridiculously annoyed and so was my friend towards me. instead of trying to resolve our differences (because we REFUSE to talk to each other), we confided into a middle person.

but the middle person fed us false stories that made the quarrel even worse. the person back stabbed me to my friend and the other around. and somehow, we found out that the middle person was not being fair in arbitrating the quarrel. instead, the person actually added fuel to the fire.

my friend and i managed to resolve our dispute in the end, without the help of the middle person.

so when i first vote for the 2008 election, the politics in Malaysia has somehow became what i went through in high school.

two parties with different views on a matter and is further provoked by a middle person -


let's hope for a better tomorrow...



media usually :

1. promote stories which benefit its benefactor (entities that pay them money).

2. promote stories which are sensational and would generate more stories and thus increase audience.

either way, we lose.

im_shy said...


well, that's a couple of reasons y i dont trust media :|