Friday, 2 October 2009

Comparisons are easily done...

this post has got nothing to do with katy perry's thinking of you... but it did inspire the title a little bit :P

here is an interesting article. it is written very well in Malay. the article mentioned about how the author's child compared his local-made mpv to his brother's luxurious Alphard. it is a pretty worry-some when ur very young children's minds are poisoned by materialism. wearing or using expensive brands would mean that we are somebody to be envied for...

for what exactly? everything in this world is temporary... whatever you bought or have will not mean anything in the after-life.

the article taught us on the real purpose of life and also how to appreciate what we have.

i particularly like the part when the author said that he didn't like it when his son compared him to his brother... and he also said, but then again, parents have compared their kids to other kids. i, myself, am still experiencing this... although the comparison is no longer within the academic achievement category, parents are likely to find other categories to begin comparing all over again :)

well let's hope it's a better tomorrow for me :D

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