Sunday, 6 September 2009


Professionals - a person engaged in one of the learned professions

When u talk about being professional, it means that a person becomes master of it. They have skills and knowledge in their respective fields compared to layman. There are loads of professional fields out there but i can give you the obvious answers such as accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers and my own field - the architects.

By definition - A professional architect is someone who possesses the specialized knowledge and skills of a professional architect, which are acquired after a course of intensive study and a period of practical training.

however, when we design... it is often that a client disagree with what we do and come up with their own ideas - i am not going to write them down because it may turn out to be rather insulting than just a constructive criticism and plus, it would take me most probably another 2 hours to explain just that. but we design with reasons... rationals... not just because we like it. it is our job... it is our profession's responsibility to bring forth Malaysian architecture... not some photocopy of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. we were trained through at least five years of school, to attain that acquired knowledge and skills. Our job is to advise clients but still clients ended up advising us what to do.

and the reason is... because they pay the fees.

but i wonder... for instance, like my fellow professional... let's say a doctor... whom the client pays and also gives advise on our health is not questioned about his job or his responsibility? Like if he gives you a paracetamol for a headache, does a client suggest to him otherwise?

Cesar Pelli did KLCC without anyone breathing on his neck. so i came to conclude that it is not easy to be a Malaysian architect... HA HA...

but i just can hope for a better tomorrow :)

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