Sunday, 19 July 2009

PK lahhhh

my father has been the general manager of a small developer company for 20 or more years. it was about time he retires and let his jr staffs take over. this developer company is a part of the PKNS developers. so whatever the company decides, it has to answer back to PKNS.

but now, since Selangor is under a new government, there are a lot of political disputes. even down to the part of who shall be the next GM of my father's company...

my father suggested one of his staffs. he knew him for 20 years, the way he works and obviously that particular candidate knows he's way around that company. my father knows there's a no better candidate than this guy.

but now, since Selangor is under a new government, outsiders are trying to lobby for the post. when i say lobby, they are doing everything in their will to get it - even if it takes to do a little evil.

but they should understand that my father knows who is best to replace him. the board should consider his proposal. the company has brought so much profit - they should be able to trust my father's judgments.

and on last wednesday, i was fortunate to be able to present a project to my father's company in his last few days at the company. for more than 20 years of my father working there, i have never seen my father playing a role other than a father, brother, son... this is the first time i see him in a much more superior state. and of all the scare of how shitty clients can be when i was studying was definitely not displayed with this company. even my boss became long term friends with the company exco. they gave constructive comments that i find very helpful and also lifted my spirits to design better.

it was a significant day for me - my first meeting with client and my father's last day as a client.

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