Thursday, 2 July 2009


hey this is my second post in a day. i was fasting today so i had to refrain myself from cursing and channeling out my anger until i break fast. now... the time has come...

I was on a mission on getting planning guidelines in Klang. This is my company's first project in Klang so we had very little idea what to do except finding the planning guidelines (different areas usually have different guidelines). so I embark on a journey of massive traffic jams, scorching heat and ended up getting lost. I missed a junction towards the town council and had to make a huge detour just to turn back. i would not have missed it if the signage is consistent. up to one extend, the direction to the town council was gone!

At the HQ, i was told planning department had moved! so i had to drive to the planning department to get the planning guidelines. when i requested it, they gave me their copy of the book and i asked if they sell it. it's the planning department! shouldn't they have planning guidelines with them?

but no... apparently Malaysians like to twist things a little. i was directed to the Town and Country Planning Department (don't know if i translated it correctly - Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa) in Shah Alam! Okay fine... i can go on the way back to KL. Then, since i am at the planning department, i thought i'd ask for submission forms for development order. it's the planning department! shouldn't they have the forms with them?

but no... it was at the OSC, which is at the HQ! well, yeah... usually forms are at the OSC but if you have one department five-minute drive away from the HQ, u ought to keep a set of forms in your department to avoid hassle.

okay, got my forms! off to Shah Alam... i'm not equipped with GPS so i decided to gamble and i got lost. i called my office mates, they were all weren't around. i didn't want to bother my boss so i called a friend, who is a resident there, for directions. After 1 hour of roaming around, i finally found it.

i rushed straight to the 15th floor. requested from this lady the planning guideline, she said that is on the 16th floor. fine... ran up to floor 16, requested for the book again from the lady at the counter. and she said it's on the 18th floor! hmmm... ok, i ran up to 18th floor and asked the guy at the counter, "Do u have the planning guideline?"

"Oh, you can go to get it"

At the time, it seemed like i was going, "......." but inside i was screaming, "ARGHHHH!!! #^%$#%%@#!!!!"

so... lesson of the day... when you had a core subject course named "Professional Study" for B.Sc. in Architecture, please pay a little bit of attention and never skip class :P

second lesson, don't put on high heels to go to authority. they make you run around... it's best to put on some cute olivias :D

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