Thursday, 28 February 2008

When Are You Going to Get Married???

Ok... this is FAQ i am currently receiving from all the mums in my family tree. Other related questions are such:
1. Do u have a boyfriend?
2. Why don't u have a boyfriend?

and subsequently leads to FAQ number 3


I am four and twenty when i write this. and yes, most mothers were married with kids by my age and my answer to question number 1 is YES, tons of them so it's hard to pick one. No really... i have None...
And this leads to the answer to FAQ number 2:

1. I am no feminist but I am perhaps the one of the most scariest, unapproachable woman on earth (to guys that is) and going to be even more scarier after i wrote this - i suck at commitments, i talk to a guy like a guy, very independent, very firm about her stands, hates it when guys only talk to me because they want a relationship with me especially when they hardly know me and i'm the type who lets be friends first and see where it goes and trust me... it would take a lot of effort to sweep me off my feet.

2. I just don't have the time for relationships right now. I'm so busy juggling my assignments and i hardly keep in touch with my girlfriends... let alone attempting to find a boyfriend.

3. Despite all the above, i am still very reserved. I wait for the guy to make the first move and right now, there isnt any. perhaps due to the reasons above. and also, I haven't found the right guy yet... i want my next boyfriend to be my future husband. And till then... i rather stay single... uncommitted...

And the answer to FAQ number 3:

I am going to get married when i found my husband. FULL STOP!

Mothers, don't u get it that it does not only stressful to u that your daughters might turn into a spinster but we are even more stressed when u ask us those questions. For a muslim, when mothers ask us to do something and we do... but this is simply out of our hands really... it's no simple task like go out and buy fish... especially for girls like me...

Let me do the worrying ok? And let God set the path of my life. If i am going to get married... then i am. If my fate is to live a lonely life, who are we, as slaves of God, to question His methods? God has mysterious ways... we should just embrace what He gives us.

So to all mothers with single daughters out there... stop bombarding us with those FAQs.

To ALL single girls out there, who receives the same FAQs... i feel you!

"happy just the way i am, thank you very much!"
as quoted by Faiza!

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caca said...

awin... sabar ye... i know it must not be easy... tapi being married isnt all as it seems. and tq for not plagiarising :P awin, sungguh baik hati... she's a catch so please leave her alone (err i mean mums, not guys) hohoho...