Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dear CaCa Cabana n her JuaN...

I’ve known the bride for approximately 10 years now. As years passed, our friendship grew and grew, with several petty fights and boyfriends along the way; it blossomed into something I’d like to call sisterhood.

The first time I saw them together, I suddenly notice how love can change women’s taste in men. Faiza used to drool over men like Josh Hartnett or Kimi Raikonnen. (Sorry, Faiza… I really have to reveal this)… and Awan is definitely someone they’re definitely not – someone who loves her for who she is. Faiza is an independent, bright young woman, whom I can see surviving on her own… she can live without Awan, most definitely… but however, she chose not too because she wants to be able to come home to someone. And in this case, she has chosen Awan.

Finding out that she was to be married soon, I wasn’t actually thrilled. I was pretty sure after this; a lot of people are going to be asking me when I am going to get married. It’s pretty stressful to me, Faiza… thanks to you! No, let me assure you that it wasn’t jealousy that she gets to get married first. It was because those days when we used to slumber-partied, jump on beds, having girl talks over a nice ice-blended coffee, hosting embarrassing birthdays at TGIF was coming to an end. It suddenly occurred to me, as the day of the wedding drew closer, I was going to lose my Caca Cabana… my Cendol.

Sorry, Awan… I’ll never be ready to release Faiza to you but knowing the kind of person you are, despite all other boys she’s been with, you’re the best candidate to complete my best friend’s life. Congratulations to both of you and may Allah bless your marriage with longevity and lots of children! All my love goes to both of you… Muahhhh!

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caca said...

ur speech makes me wanna cry