Monday, 15 October 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

first and foremost, i'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Hari Raya! Sorry zahir and batin... i know i promised the bali pix but i'm a bit lazy to reduce the size of it. besides there's not many good pics because i went with my office mates, which i'm not as close to (in comparison to my frens) plus, they're not that into the crazy photography as i do. also, we did not visit that many historic landscapes. we did a lot of shopping, visiting hotels... and spa... wow... the rm150 i paid was really worth it ;) i should recommend ramayana hotel in kuta for anyone staying in bali! it's beautiful... and cheap i suppose. there's not any nice view though because of the tall buildings next to it but, it's very very very near to the beach. i also got a bali name - nyoman awin lasmini. nyoman means ur the third child of the family (1st child = wayan, yeah sounds like Damon, Marlon, Shawn Wayans are from Bali... haha... 2nd child = made, pronounce as Muh-day... 3rd child = nyoman and 4th is ketut... yeah i pity the 4th one) ok... but the 'lasmini', i'm not sure what it means, i shouldve asked though. but somehow i thought that the lady who gave me my name knew that i'm a 'last minute' person??? anyway, here's the bali pic i took in jimbaran. beautiful... oh and another place i'd recommend... eat in jimbaran! gorgeous!!!
but when i was in cambodia. we took a lot of crazy and beautiful photographs. most of them i edit using photoshop though. there are muslims in cambodia and they even speak MALAY!!! too bad we only discovered it during our last day but having to eat meat and chicken after 4 days of maggies and veggies... we were all thanking God after each bite. hahaha... so when any of u going to cambodia soon, u should ask the 'tuk-tuk' driver to take u to a 'muslim village'. although not all would want because the road is terrible! but cambodia, being just freshly out of war, it has beautiful historic landscape. well, in siem reap anyway. the angkor wat is simply breath-taking. definitely a must-see! other than that is shopping! where else can u get a t-shirt for 1 USD??? which is like 3 ringgit! i enjoyed shopping, lotsa cheap stuffs there but it's annoying as well because most of the time, a friend gets cheaper than u did... so... ugh! anyway, here are the pix. enjoy...

my new school mates :) or competitors!

well, it's the first time exploring a new tripod (gorilla pod) but it turned out okay anyway :)

me and the lost boys - the school boys of Krabei Riel School
in angkor wat...
one of the best pics taken (thanks to ammy!)
tagline was taken from reebok shoe commercial. and again pic was taken by ammy!

this is ammy again... she's so good @ taking pictures of people's backsides!

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